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At Global Vending Group we pride ourselves on being your hub for all things vending. If you’re familiar with our products you know that we offer a variety of snack and drink machines, coffee vending machines and inventory management systems. However, our most popular product right now is one that we design and build in our facility. That’s right, we’re talking about our own custom book vending machine! Because our book machine is still new, we’ve found that many of our customers have a lot of similar questions. Today we wanted to address some of the most frequently asked questions about our bookworm vending machine. Here’s what you need to know.

1.) Where Can I Buy a Book Vending Machine?

We are the only vending manufacturer that produces custom book vending machines. When we developed this program back in November of 2018, we consulted at length with educators, authors, and publishers to ensure that this program would be effective. This is a specialty product that we design and produce individually using our very talented creative team, and our experienced production team. Our service team assists our growing list of school districts on a national scale to ensure that all programs are running smoothly. Please call to speak to a representative about receiving a formal quote.

2.) How Many Other Schools Have Book Vending Machines?

Since we delivered our first book vending machine in November of 2018, we’ve sold over 400 more to schools all over the country. After the initial story broke in The Buffalo News we started receiving numerous calls and we realized that our book machines had an opportunity to really make a difference. Since then, we are regularly featured on local affiliate news stations across the country. Teachers who have posted pictures of their book vending machine have also gone viral several times on social media. After all, developing a vending machine for books was always intended to be an exciting way to get young kids interested in reading.

3.) Do Students Need To Pay For The Books?

Much like all PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) programs, students are rewarded with books rather than purchasing books. The whole idea behind our book vending machines is to get books in the hands of students for free. Instead of accepting money, all of our book vending machines come with a modified coin mechanism that only accepts our special gold coins. Each machine comes with 100 Inchy coins which teachers distribute based upon their custom criteria. Students are commonly rewarded for behavioral improvements, attendance, scholastic achievement, and reading minutes. Some schools prefer an equal distribution of books by way of birthday celebration.

4.) Why Are Book Vending Machines So Popular?

We’ve already discussed the obvious answers to this one. Teachers get to reinforce good behavior and students get to keep their favorite books for free; win-win right! Besides that, book vending machines can help get students more interested in reading recreationally. With all of the digital distractions at their fingertips today, it can be easy for younger students to forget about how much fun reading can be. The ultimate goal is to help students develop a love of reading at an early age.

5.) How To Get a Book Vending Machine at Your School?

There are many important steps in the life of a book vending machine. If you need more information our amazing sales staff will take good care of you. Click the link below to have a representative send over more information:

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