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Bowling Green ISD Boosts PBIS Rewards by Bringing in Inchy


Parker-Bennett-Curry Elementary has installed their very own book vending machine with the help of Inchy! This book vending machine is the first to hit the Bowling Green Independent School District, and it has students excited.

The book vending machine was installed in mid-September, stirring the kids desire for reading. Terri Cleaver, the school’s librarian, said that some students even got so excited they tried bringing money in to buy books! But that’s not Inchy’s style. His machines are powered by tokens that reward good behavior and reading.

PBIS Rewards and Inchy

The Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS) system ties in with this perfectly. PBIS rewards students for good behavior, and in turn students can use those rewards points to get things from school, be it special privileges like a 2nd chance on a quiz, or tokens to the book vending machine.

The school’s principal, Delvagus Jackson said that the machine fits their “We Are The World” campaign well, which follows a similar path as PBIS. Jackson said the elementary school’s campaign includes working collaboratively, respecting oneself and others, obeying rules, leading by example, and doing your best.

Class ambassadors got the chance to select the first books from the machine. This process will occur at least once a month. The school plans to use it for PBIS rewards too, and why wouldn’t they? It fits seamlessly into the system and makes reading cool to kids! Previously, students would choose a prize from a treasure chest in the front office when their good behavior was recognized.

Students who are already tearing through books will have an opportunity to use the book vending machine too. Jackson stressed that the goal is for every student to have the chance to visit Inchy’s book vending machine during the year.

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Inchy the Bookworm’s book vending machines are able to be wrapped in just about any design too. Want to have your student body collaborate on a design for kids? Done. Want to have your school mascot on it? Easy. Maybe you just want a design that’s dear to your town? We can do that too.

Want to bring PBIS rewards to your school? Inchy’s book vending machine is a perfect fit! Students love it and teachers love seeing students excited about reading. Everyone wins! Reach out to us today at 800.592.4220 or by filling out a contact form. We’ve helped hundreds of schools in their funding for book vending machine and yours could be next! Don’t wait, give the gift of reading today!