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For citizens and students in Michigan, the month of March has been one filled with reading. The Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, declared March the Reading Month in Michigan. To celebrate the month, Orchard View Early Elementary School gave it’s students quite the gift—books.

Inchy In  Muskegon Michigan

Their Inchy the Bookworm Book vending machine was purchased with grant money. The covered the entire cost of the book vending machine, and a separate grant paid for the cost of the books to fill the machine for the young students in Muskegon County Michigan.

Sylis Campbell, a first grader at OVEE, was excited for the new vending machine saying, “I just like to read. I love non-fiction books.” Tokens are given out for good behavior and for reading accomplishments. However, to purchase the books at the Inchy book vending machine do come at a steep cost if you aren’t well behaved, OVEE challenges students to read 100 books to get a token.

Inchy In Logan West Virginia

A few hundred miles away in Logan County West Virginia, Logan Middle School cut the ribbon on the new addition to their school—a custom Inchy the bookworm with their school’s mascot and colors on it, filled with a plethora of age-appropriate books.

The school administrators were pleased to see excitement on the students faces as they saw the book vending machine. One student saying, “I was excited, I thought it was cool!” Which translates to the goal of the administration. The idea to bring an Inchy to the district came from Kara Wiley, a teacher at the school. “We really want o promote a culture of reading, a culture of literacy where people want to read,” said Wiley.

PBIS Rewards

The book vending machine operates on PBIS rewards tokens—small golden coins the size of a half dollar. The tokens are earned by students for good behavior or academic achievements. Each school district sets their own standards and goals for the PBIS rewards program and its up to everyone to make it a success.

Need One For Your School?

Reading is crucial to the success of children later in life, and access to quality reading materials is at the center of that. If your school district is interested in a book vending machine we can help. There are many ways to purchase an Inchy for your school district, to learn more about how other schools have financed their book vending machine, check out a previous blog entry on the subject. If you would like to know more about Inchy the Bookworm Book Vending machine and the PBIS rewards program, give us a call or leave your information here and we will contact you and answer all of your questions and help you get an Inchy into your school!

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The Importance of Book Ownership

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A New Inchy in Grand Island Nebraska

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Reading Through the Pandemic With Inchy

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