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At Mosaic Preparatory Academy in Harlem, New York, an awesome new vending machine has been installed. Only this machine doesn’t dispense sugary snacks or sodas. Inchy the Bookworm’s book vending machine only dispenses books to kids eager to read!

A Book Vending Machine is the Perfect Way to Give the Gift of Reading!

School principal Dr. Lisette Caesar said she noticed that kids were reading less and less often with online learning. Dr. Caesar said she saw that other schools in Texas and Kansas with the machines installed and had to have one for her school.

At this school, getting pulled out of the classroom isn’t something stressful or to be feared. Students are pulled out to be rewarded for being nice instead. So one day, when a student was pulled from class, he knew he was going to get a reward. He had enough coupons for being nice to redeem them for a gold token!

The kids can then use these tokens at Inchy’s book vending machine to get a new book they get to keep! Getting kids reading at this critical phase of their development can help foster lifelong reading habits. And Inchy’s book vending machines are perfect for PBIS rewards!

Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) system ties in perfectly with Inchy’s book dispensing machine. PBIS rewards students for their good behavior, and then students can use those rewards points to get things from their school. In this case, a new book. A vast majority of the students in this school come from underprivileged backgrounds, so the books may provide some escape from any issues they may have at home.

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Inchy the Bookworm’s book vending machines are able to be wrapped in just about any design too. Want to have your student body collaborate on a design for kids? Done. Want to have your school mascot on it? Easy. Maybe you just want a design that’s dear to your town? We can do that too.

Bring PBIS rewards to your school today with Inchy’s book vending machine! Students love it and teachers love seeing their students excited about reading. Everyone’s a winner! Reach out to us today at 800.592.4220 or by filling out a contact form. We’ve helped hundreds of schools in their funding for book vending machines and yours could be next! Give the gift of reading to your students today. 

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