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Personal Protective Gear or PPE is something we have been becoming familiar with more frequently this year. It has become part of our everyday life and routine in stopping the further spread of the coronavirus. Having face masks, gloves, sanitizing wipes, and hand sanitizers are essential in protecting ourselves. PPE Vending Machines are able to provide people with all of these products and more while on the go.

What is a PPE Vending Machine?

PPE Vending Machines are designed to dispense personal protective equipment such as face masks, gloves, sanitizing solutions, and more. In today’s world, this is more important than ever. When you need a mask and some sanitizing solutions a simple walk to the vending machine can help solve this problem. If you are considering providing your company with a PPE vending machine we provide everything thing you need from the machine to the products to fill it with.

What Supplies are Essential?

It is nothing new at this point to know what PPE products are essential in this day and age. Global Vending has all the supplies you need to be able to fill your machines with. We all know that its not an ideal environment we are currently living in. But we can make it better by wearing our proper PPE. Masks first and foremost are the first step in PPE you should make to ensure that you are keeping yourself as well as others protected. Another product that is very important in a sanitizing solution. Such as a sanitizing wipe, or even and liquid solution. With our PPE vending machines you can even get gloves to take extra precautions.

What Kind of Machine Should I Get?

We have no shortage of options for you when it comes to choosing the right machine. A lot of it can come down to personal preference or the size of the business you are providing this machine to. The more is better in certain cases. We have wall-mount options that can fit almost anywhere you have an open space. Choose a large wall-mounted machine if you have a larger employee or client base to attend to.

We also have a standard wall mount machine that is even more capable of being mounted anywhere in your facility. It is best to put a PPE Vending Machine at every entry to your building or place of business to help ensure the safety of whoever enters the premises.

Our free-standing machines offer great customizable options. These are perfect for large companies. Being able to hold a large number of products, these machines can have a custom wrap and hold any of the products that you deem most important for your employees and client’s safety. Our team can guide you into choosing the right machine and the right products and provide you with the essential PPE automated retail machines for your company. 

Call Global Vending today at 1-866-468-0272 to get your PPE Vending Machine sent out to you!!!!!

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