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Global Vending Group Offers the best warranty in the business.

A.) New machines are covered by the full manufacturer's warranty.
Includes free technical support and (Phone and/or Video) training from Global Vending Group.

B.) Refurbished machines are covered by Global Vending Group as follows:

1.) 120 days on parts.

2.) Free technical support and training.

The following actions void the warranty:

  1. Part has been altered and/or changed in any fashion
  2. Part has been damaged by vandalism or theft.


Warranty Process:

1.) Call to obtain an RA #

2.) Customer will ship defective part to Global Vending Group
for repair or replacement at customers expense.

3.) Global Vending Group will ship the new or repaired part back to customer. Global vending group will pay for the return shipping back to the customer.



Global Vending Group Warranty

Terms and Conditions


The foregoing proposal by Global Vending Group hereinafter referred to as Global Vending Group”, is EXPRESSLY MADE CONDITIONAL upon the Terms and Conditions specified below COMPRISING THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE OF THE ULTIMATE AGREEMENT BETWEEN Global Vending Group AND PURCHASER, and ANY OTHER TERMS OR CONDITIONS which may be printed or contained on Purchaser’s offer to purchase equipment or Purchaser’s acceptance of this Proposal, which are IN CONFLICT OR INCONSISTENT with this Proposal or Global Vending Group acknowledgement pf said offer to purchase, or attempts to enlarge or diminish the equipment, materials or services offered, SHALL NOT BE APPLICABLE to the ultimate agreement between Global Vending Group and Purchaser or binding upon Global Vending Group unless otherwise expressly agreed to in writing Global Vending Group.

TERMS OF PAYMENT – All equipment sold by Global Vending Group is shipped f.o.b. Its plant or shipping point and terms are net cash or prepaid from order date unless otherwise provided in its proposal or invoice. Global Vending Group requires purchaser to inspect equipment upon delivery and sign bill of lading/packing slip acknowledging equipment is in order. Once signed no further action can be taken.

WARRANTIES AND LIABILITIES – Global Vending Group warrants the proposed equipment against any defects in workmanship or material for a period of thirty (30) days from date of shipment. Items so found defective will be repaired or replaced at the option of Global Vending Group, upon notification by the Purchaser within the thirty (30) day period of the warranty, authorization Global Vending Group to return the defective item (prepaid) to Global Vending Group and upon verification by Global Vending Group of cause of failure. Global Vending Group warranties or guarantees do not cover the process of manufacture or the quality of the production for which the equipment may be used. This warranty shall not apply if alterations or modifications of any nature are made by the Purchaser, or if the erection, installation or starting-up is not performed under Global Vending Group supervision or pursuant to Global Vending Group approved methods.

Global Vending Group agrees to protect, indemnify and save harmless the Purchaser from all suits or proceedings instituted against the Purchaser insofar as the same are based on the infringement of United States patents by the equipment. Provided that the Purchaser gives Global Vending Group immediate notice in writing of any charge or infringement or institution of suit or proceedings relating to such patents; the right to defend the suit or proceedings; and any information, assistance and authority Global Vending Group may require in the exercise of its right to defend the suit or proceedings. It is understood, however, that Global Vending Group shall not be liable for infringement of any patents for any equipment engineered, developed, constructed, installed, sold or used in accordance with Purchaser’s design or recommendations, or for any device or part that is specified by the Purchaser. There are no warranties which extend beyond the description on the face hereof.

TAXES – All sales, excise, use, property taxes, licenses or permits or fees and all other taxes or charges in lieu thereof, levied on Global Vending Group

in connection with purchase, installation, operation, servicing and/or use of the equipment shall be paid by the Purchaser, or reimbursed to Global Vending Group if Global Vending Group is required to make payment for the same.

LIABILITY, DELAYS AND CANCELLATION – Global Vending Group shall not be liable for any loss, damage or delay caused by fires, strikes, periods of national emergency or war, differences with employers, accidents or other cause or conditions beyond Global Vending Group control. In no event shall Global Vending Group be liable for any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages or for loss of profits, nor for any loss of property. If Purchaser, either directly of indirectly, causes delay or interruption in manufacture, shipment or installation of equipment, or cancels the contract, Global Vending Group shall be paid for completed work and reimbursed for all other costs plus overhead and normal profit, net ten (10) days.

FAILURE TO MAKE PAYMENTS – Failure by the Purchaser to make any payments at the times due and provided by this contract shall give Global Vending Group the right to suspend work or delivery until payment is made

In the event that any such default continues for more than fifteen (15) days after the due date, Global Vending Group may at any time thereafter cancel this contract by written notice mailed or telegraphed to Purchaser and thereupon be entitled to recover the cost of all work done, all material provided, any property or other taxes levied, and all damages sustained, and to repossess the equipment without process. Any such failure to make payments at the time provided shall be a bar to any claim by the Purchaser against Global Vending Group due to such suspension arising out of the failure to pay.

SECURITY – The title to equipment sold as herein specified shall not pass from Global Vending Group and shall remain personal property until fully paid for, and the Purchaser agrees to perform all acts, which may be necessary to perfect and assure retention of title to the said equipment of Global Vending Group. The Purchaser shall assume all risk of loss after the equipment is delivered to the carrier.

OTHER UNDERSTANDINGS – All previous written or oral agreements between parties hereto which are contrary to or inconsistent with this Proposal are hereby abrogated, it being understood there are no agreements, guarantees or understandings which are in conflict or inconsistent with this Proposal. A Purchase Order or other form submitted by Purchaser covering the equipment specified herein shall be considered by both the Purchaser and Global Vending Group to be merely an order based upon this Proposal and Global Vending Group acceptance of such Purchase Order or offer by Purchaser is expressly conditioned upon Purchaser’s consent to any terms and conditions provided herein which differ from or are in addition to, the terms and conditions of Purchaser’s offer.

PROPOSAL LIMITATIONS – This proposal shall be subject to change or withdrawal at any time before acceptance and in any event shall be void unless accepted and returned within thirty (30) days from the date hereof. The accepted proposal shall not be binding upon Global Vending Group until it is ratified at its home office by a duly authorized officer or agent of Global Vending Group. The resulting contract of sale shall be construed under the laws of New York State.

NOTICES – All notices required in any contract resulting from this proposal shall be given in writing to Global Vending Group at its home office in Amherst, New York, and to the Purchaser at its home office unless Purchaser designates in writing another address for such notice.


UNLOADING AND STORAGE – The Purchaser shall at its own expense unload all equipment delivered by Global Vending Group and where installation by Global Vending Group is contemplated, will store the equipment near the installation site and then deliver it to the site when Global Vending Group is ready to begin installation, and shall protect the said equipment from any loss or damage. The Purchaser shall check and be responsible for all equipment delivered to it, and shall notify Global Vending Group of any shortage or breakage within five (5) days from the delivery of the same to Purchaser.

CONSTRUCTION FACILITIES – The Purchaser shall provide without cost to Global Vending Group all construction services and facilities required for installation of equipment.

Purchaser shall also provide necessary openings in the walls of its buildings, and shall furnish unobstructed access to the erection site, a suitable crane with qualified operator and power when needed, and necessary foundations, reinforcement of floors and such modifications of the Purchaser’s building and premises as may be required to effect the installation, and such runways, timber, blocking and tackle as are required

WORKING CONDITIONS - Where Global Vending Group representative and/or labor is required to oversee or carry out the installation of the equipment furnished under this proposal, Purchaser shall, without cost to Global Vending Group, provide safe working conditions which are suitable for the work to proceed without interruption. In addition, the Purchaser shall furnish heat when required, and shall furnish and maintain drinking water, and any necessary safety and sanitary facilities.

PROTECTION FOR Global Vending Group – Purchaser shall indemnify, defend and hold Global Vending Group harmless from and against any loss, liability, expense or damage resulting from or arising out of, without limitation: conditions beyond Global Vending Group control which hinder, delay or otherwise result in loss or additional cost or expense to Global Vending Group in installing the equipment; the failure of Purchaser to properly unload and store the equipment, provide necessary and appropriate construction facilities, provide suitable working conditions, or fulfill any other of Purchaser’s obligations, as herein provided. Purchaser shall provide adequate insurance, protecting Purchaser and Global Vending Group against the above risks and upon request, Purchaser shall increase the insurance coverage to such amounts as Global Vending Group shall specify and supply Global Vending Group with certificates evidencing such insurance and naming Global Vending as an additional insured.


Physical Address to send defect parts to:
Global Vending Group INC.
6020 N. Bailey STE#3 Amherst, NY 14226