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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Early College in Denver unveils their own Inchy’s Original Book Vending Machine! Inchy’s book vending machine is the first and best name in book vending for schools and education centers.

Inchy’s Book Vending Machine in this Colorado school is the first of its kind in the Denver public school system, as his quest to bring literacy across the country continues! The machine was unveiled in mid-April in a ceremony attended by dozens of staff and students. It even had an accompanying marching band performance!

Inchy’s unique book vending machine is filled with books that kids love, because the kids themselves picked the books! There are a few ways to earn tokens for the knowledge dispensing machine here. All students have to do is read a book of their choosing and give a report to the school librarian for a token, or they can earn tokens for classroom excellence and having good attendance.

Getting students to love reading is a big part of building their success in school and in life. Reading also celebrates diversity by showing characters who look, think, and/or feel like the reader, representing in ways other media doesn't portray.

Get in Touch with GVG to Get Inchy at Your School!

School Principal Kimberly Grayson of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Early College says while being interviewed that “A love of literacy is honestly something that is very important,” and later continued that she’s “hoping more leaders and more schools will purchase something like this, where kids have the opportunity to grow their love of literacy”. Get Inchy’s Original and Best Book Vending Machine from Global Vending Group today!

Our blog has a variety of resources to help you with getting your book machine. Whether you need help with writing a grant or some fundraising ideas, there’s a page for you. Make sure to stay up to date with our social media too. Did you know? Inchy and his library machine are perfect for PBIS Rewards, see more here!

Our original book vending machine has a wide variety of customization options! We have custom wraps so that you can get your book machine with a fun nod to your town, your school's mascot, or something else entirely. Get inspired by our custom wraps page and bring Inchy to your school!

Get in touch with Global Vending Group to get the original and best book vending machine in your school today. Give us a call at (800)-592-4220 or fill out our convenient online contact form!

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