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​Inchy’s Been Busy | Book Vending Machines Pop Up All Across The Nation


Inchy’s Been Busy | Book Vending Machines Pop Up All Across The Nation

2019 has certainly been an exciting year for us here at Global Vending Group. Since the debut of our new custom book vending machine late last year, we’ve been busy answering calls from schools all over the US. If you haven’t heard of our book vending machine before, it’s exactly what it sounds like. In collaboration with a local Buffalo NY school, we customized a vending machine to dispense books instead of snacks and drinks. Since the news spread we’ve been able to provide the same assistance to other schools; some even thousands of miles away!

Why Are They So Popular?

The biggest reason the idea for our book vending machines has caught on so quickly is because it gets kids excited about reading. This has been an amazing success at a critical time when our country’s literacy rate has been on the decline. When we installed our first book vending machine in a local school library we received excellent feedback from students and teachers alike. Teachers and administrators loved the idea of incentivizing kids to read more and students were excited to get to earn and keep their favorite books.

Our goal from the start was always to build something that would make a difference in our community. The early results have been overwhelmingly positive and has inspired other school districts to try and make the same impact.

Where Has Inchy Been?

Inchy the bookworm is our book vending mascot and he’s on the custom wrap we designed for each machine. If you’ve followed our blog in the past few months you know that Inchy’s been pretty busy. We’ve helped bring our bookworm vending machines to schools in Florida, Utah, California and of course right here in Buffalo. Needless to say, Inchy’s been racking up a lot of frequent flyer miles.

We want to continue to provide schools with this exciting new tool to encourage kids to read more. If you want to bring that atmosphere right to your door we’d love to make that happen. Feel free to give us a call at any time for more information on how to get your own customized book vending machine for your school.