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​6 Unique Types of Vending Machines


6 Unique Types of Vending Machines

Sometimes it amazes even us here at Global Vending Group just how large the vending machine industry has become. Yet, most consumers typically picture this business in terms of only snack and drink vending machines. It may surprise you, but new custom vending machines are being made every day that can dispense almost anything. In fact, about a year ago we started manufacturing our bookworm vending machines for schools and libraries. In today’s blog we wanted to share some of the most interesting and unique vending machines that we’ve seen pop up around the world.

Live Crab Vending Machine

Located in a busy subway station in China, this machine features a popular Chinese delicacy, the Shanghai hairy crab. This custom vending machine dispenses live crabs ready for consumers to take home and throw in a pot for dinner. It even offers the necessary condiments as well so that patrons can skip the grocery store on their way home.

The “Let’s Pizza” Vending Machine

Where else would you expect a pizza vending machine to originate if not from Italy? This machine is truly a wonder as it assembles and cooks pizzas to order from scratch! At the press of a button this unique vending machine serves a hot meal ready to eat in just a few short minutes.

Cupcake Vending Machine

Just in case you have a craving for something sweet late at night, you can drop by one of these vending machines. Sure, there are plenty of pre-packaged pastry products you can pick up at the local store but these treats are all freshly made and restocked daily. Using this machine is like stopping by a 24/7 bakery to get a quality dessert.

French Fry Vending Machine

Have you ever ordered fast food only to find that your french fries came from the bottom of the barrel and have almost gone cold? That’ll never happen with a trip to this french fry vending machine. In just a couple of minutes it produces an order of freshly made fries with a side of ketchup.

Pet Supplies Vending Machine

On occasion pet owners will forget something when they go out for a walk in the park or around town. Rather than heading all the way back home, they can stop by this cool pet supplies machine. Whether they’re looking for a new chew toy, a frisbee, special treats or even pickup bags, it can all be found in this one convenient location.

Book Vending Machine

Last but not least, as we mentioned before, we’ve designed a new book vending that has been taking the country by storm. It all started when we customized an old snack machine to dispense books for a local Buffalo school. Since then we’ve been contacted by hundreds of schools in the U.S. to bring them a bookworm vending machine of their own. Check out some of the recent news stories where our vending machines have popped up in New Jersey, Kentucky, California and Arkansas.

At Global Vending Group we work hard to stay up to date with the latest trends in an increasingly creative industry. Our custom book vending machine has become a popular item and has made a significant impact in many communities. Stay tuned for more stories about our bookworm vending machine and feel free to give us a call to see how you can bring one to your school!