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​Kentucky School Gets State’s First Book Vending Machine


Kentucky School Gets State’s First Book Vending Machine.  

If you’ve followed along with our blog in recent months you’re no stranger to hearing stories about our new book vending machine. Since our first installation at a local Buffalo NY school, the idea has spread like wildfire. Our machines have been popping up in schools all over the country and we’re so excited that we just want to keep sharing the news! Our latest installment was in an elementary school in southern Kentucky, the first of it’s kind to be seen in the bluegrass state. Here’s the story.

Kentucky School Installs Book Vending Machine

Like many other schools around the nation, Stevenson Elementary in Russellville KY saw the promise of bringing a book vending machine to their school. Their staff understands how important it is to get kids excited about reading. Any teacher will tell you that helping younger students hone their reading skills will set them up better for the future. That’s why they started what they call their Accelerated Reader program.

Using the special gold coins that go along with every bookworm vending machine, they are incentivizing students to hit the books. As students read, they’ll earn these special tokens to use on the vending machine. And the best part is they get to purchase and keep whatever book they want, for FREE!

The student response generated from Kentucky’s first book vending machine has been overwhelming. District officials have even made plans to add another bookworm vending machine to a local high school in the near future. Now is the perfect time for your school to get in on all the excitement as well.

At Global Vending Group we’re proud to be able to help make a difference in so many communities. Our team has worked extremely hard over the past year to help make all this possible. Moving forward we want to continue to provide schools with this unique tool to aid child literacy. If you’re interested in bringing one of our new book vending machines to your school give us a call today at 1-800-592-4220.