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All Roads Lead to Reading | A Rhode Island Elementary School adds Book Vending Machine


An elementary school in Pawtucket, RI unveiled its new vending machine in mid-march. Inchy the Bookworm’s Book Vending Machine dispenses books to the students of Francis J. Varieur Elementary School!

Inchy’s book vending machine doesn’t take money, it uses a special gold token that students receive after collecting coupons from the school. Those coupons are earned by displaying good behavior and other tasks, such as reading a book and scoring well on a comprehension test.

Wait, the books from the vending machine are free?

That’s right, Inchy’s book vending machine doesn’t charge kids money for its books! The students of this school only have to continue doing what they’re doing already with the above-mentioned avenues for coupons.

When the school had its ribbon-cutting ceremony for the book vending machine, a few students had won a raffle to get the first books. Apparently, the machine here has already had to be stocked with some new books! Books are strategically placed for all students at the school, with books for the older students occupying the top shelves, and books for younger students at their eye level.

Francis J. Varieur Elementary acquired its machine through grant funding, like many other of the schools we talk about here, but that isn’t the only way that funds are raised to get these machines. We talked more in-depth about that here, make sure to check it out!

If you’re writing a grant and need some tips, we wrote a piece for you on that too! Inchy’s book vending machine is the perfect vehicle for PBIS Rewards at your school.

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