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What’s Trending in Vending | Japan Unveils New Custom Vending Machine

Did you know Japan is world renowned for their vending machines? It’s not just the quantity of machines that populate their cities that make them so famous though. They also have one-of-a-kind custom vending machines that can dispense almost anything you can think of. Clearly they’ve been on the forefront of creating innovative new vending machines for a number of years.

In fact just recently, Tokyo Metro unveiled what they’re calling The Vending Train on one of their subway platforms. Functionally it’s a simple coffee vending machine but it’s making headlines because of its unique appearance. In the spirit of another one of Japan’s most notorious entities, the railway system, this vending machine was designed to look like the front carriage of a train. Not only that, but it was constructed using recycled material from a retired train that used to run at the same station.

This is just one small example of how fun and creative the custom vending machine business can be. Even though soda and snack vending machines are usually what first come to mind, vending is actually a diverse and exciting industry. We’re starting to see more and more unique vending machines as some companies look to shift to selling items other than refreshments.

Book Vending Machine Buffalo

At Global Vending Group we’ve also been making some noise recently with our own custom vending machines. Maybe you’ve heard about the new book vending machine that we helped set up at a local buffalo school. We’ve playfully named this our “Bookworm Vending Machine” and we’re making it available to schools all over the nation!

The idea came from Unseld Robinson, the school’s assistant principal, who recognized that literacy among young students in his district has been a serious issue for some time. The plan is to get kids excited about reading by using this cool new vending machine. Kids can purchase books using custom gold coins specifically designed for the machine; and the best part is they get to keep the books!

We’re proud to be able to provide a means to help students find a new desire in reading that will help them hone a skill they’ll use the rest of their life. Our book vending machine can be made to fit books of any shape or size so you can stock it with books for all ages! Additionally, you have the option of outfitting your book vending machine with a custom vending machine wrap featuring our mascot, Inchy the inchworm.

If you want to hop on one of the hottest trends in the vending machine industry, call Global Vending Group today and ask about the bookworm vending machine. Though we’re based out of Buffalo NY, we sell vending machines all over the world! We’re ready to help you anyway we can when it comes to your purchase of a new or used vending machine. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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