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​Back to School | Benefits of Vending Machines in Schools


Back to School | Benefits of Vending Machines in Schools

There has always been a heated debate about whether vending machines are good for schools. Parents often hold tight to the stigma that vending machines only sell sugary drinks and junk food that are bad for their kids. That may have been true in the past but isn’t the case anymore.

There’s a plethora of healthy snack and drink options available today including everything from crackers and granola bars to flavored water and sports drinks. If you buy a vending machine for your school you’ll have complete control over what is stocked and can remove whatever you deem unhealthy. If you’re still on the fence, here’s a few ways your school can benefit from having vending machines available on site.

Improve Student Attention

Hunger can be one of the most distracting forces for kids; especially during the periods right before lunch. A hungry student is more likely to focus on what’s on the menu today instead of the math lesson the teacher is explaining. Having snack machines available to students is the perfect way to improve student focus. This allows them them the option to eat an inexpensive snack that will tide them over until lunch and help keep their focus on learning.

After School Activities

Vending machines are for more than just school hours. Students participating in sports and clubs after school likely haven’t had anything to eat in a few hours. Having snack vending machines around can give students a pick-me-up after a long day of classes. A drink vending machine filled with sports drinks can help students refuel after practice. And having a variety of different vending machines around can be a lifesaver at other school functions like concerts, banquets and sporting events.

Not Just For Students

Vending machines aren’t always used just by students. Even if you still don’t like the idea of providing vending machines for students, you can’t deny their usefulness for the faculty. Imagine a teacher who forgot their coffee one morning and doesn’t have the option to get their much needed caffeine boost from a coffee vending machine. Placing coffee vending machines or snack vending machines in the teacher’s lounge can make a significant difference to a teacher’s enthusiasm during the day.

Additional Revenue

You might not think it’s significant but vending machines do provide a source of additional revenue for the school. Don’t be alarmed! It’s not that the school is getting rich off of the students but is instead recycling that revenue to help improve the school. Vending machine revenue can be substantial enough to secure new equipment for your computer lab, make improvements to your sporting facilities or aid in any number of student fundraising efforts.

Providing vending machines in schools has been a hot button issue in the past. However, when you consider the benefits along with the healthy options now available, that should no longer be the case. If it’s time to get your school setup with some cool new vending machines, Global Vending Group is here to help. Whether you’re looking for drink, snack or coffee vending machines, we’ll help you get exactly what you need. Give us a call today to see how we can help you.