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Looking for New Vending Machine? Why a Combo Vending Machine Might Work Best..

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Looking for New Vending Machine? Why a Combo Vending Machine Might Work Best..

How do you decide what type of vending machine to buy? Picking between snack and drink vending machines can be tough choice to make. You might want to have food options available to help employees bridge the gap before lunch, but you also might want to provide a refreshing beverage for the long hours before it’s time to go. If you’re having trouble deciding, think about taking a look at some of our combo vending machines for sale. Here’s a few reasons why you might opt to buy combo vending machines over their more traditional counterparts.

Short on Cash?

The upfront cost of buying a machine can seem like a lot. Thinking about buying 2 machines can seem like even more. If your budget is tight, you might not be able to get both a snack vending machine and a soda vending machine at the same time. A combo vending machine can be the perfect solution. You get the benefits of serving both food and drinks at a more affordable price.

Short on Space?

Cost isn’t everything. You have to consider your available space as well. Finding spots for two full sized vending machines can be a challenge if your space is limited. Combo vending machines provide a great compromise. You don’t have to limit the options available to your customers by only getting one machine and you don’t have to waste precious real estate around your office with two bulky machines. We offer combo vending machines of various sizes, dependent on your needs.

Test the Market

The choice between buying a snack or soda vending machine isn’t easy. If you’re looking to make a profit off your vending machine, the choice is even more vital. For vending machine owners looking to turn a profit, try a combo vending machine to test the market. Installing a combo machine enables you the opportunity to see what sells. If you see snacks are selling more than soda, you can replace your current machine with a snack vending machine and move your combo vending machine to test a new location!

Combo vending machines provide a great middle ground option for both the work environment, as well as starting a vending machine business. If you want some additional tips on how to succeed with your new combo vending machine, check out our recent blog post here. Global vending offers a selection of new and used combo vending machines from top brands like Jofemar, SeagA, and Perfect Break Systems. Call Global Vending Group today and let us take care of your company’s vending needs.