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Global Vending’s Book Vending Machines Are Out Of This World

We at Global Vending Group have major news to announce. Our mascot Inchy the Bookworm and our new book vending machine are heading to Jupiter!.... That’s Jupiter, Florida not Jupiter the planet in case you were feeling a bit confused. Jerry Thomas Elementary School made a big splash earlier this month by purchasing and installing our book vending machine in their school; the first of its kind ever in Palm Beach County.

This is just one of a long string of stories where our Inchy the Bookworm vending machine has been the talk of the town. Check out our blog feed if you want to hear more about how our vending machines are helping schools around the US boost their literacy initiatives. The schools in these stories use our custom book vending machine in some really creative ways to get younger students better engaged with reading.

What’s So Special About Our Book Vending Machines?

You may have heard some of the buzz about our book machine but how much do really know about it? Here’s a quick look at a few of the features that make our bookworm vending machine something truly special.

These custom vending machines of ours hold between 200-300 books and can stock up to 20 different books at once! Not only will you have enough to go around but you’ll be able to stock a variety of books so that every student can find something they’ll love.

One of the reasons our book vending machine is so unique is thanks to our custom coin mechanism. Rather than accepting money or credit cards, these machines only take our custom gold coins featuring our mascot Inchy. We’ve seen many schools use this feature to incentivize students to read more, promote good behavior and to reward perfect attendance.

The appearance of our machines are customizable as well. We can provide customized vending machine wraps that will help you show school pride by displaying your school mascot or logo on the sides. Alternatively, our machines comes standard with a fun and colorful vending wrap graphic featuring our old pal Inchy!

Our book vending machine is truly one of a kind. If you want your students to get excited about reading you should consider purchasing our book vending machine. Give us a call today to see how we can help make your book vending dream a reality!

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