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A school in Centre County, PA has recently installed the original, best, most well-known book vending machine, Inchy the Bookworm’s Book Vending Machine!

A local nonprofit in Lemont, PA called Random Acts of Reading, launched their literacy project, Golden Ticket to Reading. The book vending machine offers kids who are already excited to read from the book vending machine an additional level of excitement by giving them a quest for a golden ticket!

How Does the Book Vending Machine Work?

The students earn points toward a golden Inchy token by acting according to the school’s PBIS Rewards System. The school accomplishes this by laying the goals of being a good friend, acting kind towards others, being helpful and more.

We have a whole series of postsvideos and pages here on the site going over PBIS rewards and the PBIS system. The short version is, PBIS encourages good schoolwork and behavior by rewarding students who show excellence in classroom work and outside of class behavior.

When students hit the threshold for a golden Inchy token, they join other students who hit the threshold that day and all the students go and select a book of their choice from the machine! Twice a year a golden ticket is hidden inside one of the books.

When a golden ticket is found, students win a meet-the-author event for the whole school and all students in appropriate grades receive a signed copy of the book to keep!

Some of these books are the first that these kids have in their homes, as book access can be sparse in lower-income areas. The books that stock the original book vending machine are diverse, inclusive and educational and meant to install a love of reading.

That’s not all though, the books include a phone number to call so that the kids can read to local shelter dogs Daisy and Max, who love hearing the recording of the children’s voices, showing lower stress levels when being read to. Plus, the kids also love reading to the dogs, who won’t judge them for any reading mishaps they may have.

Get in Touch!

Contact Global Vending Group today to get started on bringing the original book vending machine to your school! Don’t forget to follow along with our blog to make sure you don’t miss an update! You can also find us on Facebook.

Did you know, our vending machines are able to have custom wraps! Check out the custom wrap page here to get inspired for your book machine. You can have a fun design, your school mascot, an image of something unique to your locale, just about anything!

We’ve helped hundreds of schools make the reading dream a reality. Get started bringing the original book vending machine to your school today by calling us at (800).592.4220 or filling out an online contact form. 

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