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Inchy’s Traveling to Texas! Port Arthur Schools Add Book Vending Machines

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Welcome back to the blog at Global Vending, the home of Inchy! Recently, Port Arthur in Texas has decided to bring in four of Inchy’s Book Vending Machines to improve the literacy and libraries of their students. We all know what that means …

Inchy’s Traveling to Texas!

As part of the United Way of Mid & South Jefferson County’s Early Literacy Initiative, four new book vending machines have been installed in schools across the town. The goal is to get books not just in children’s hands, but also in their homes. How? Because the kids get to keep the books they select!

That’s right, Inchy’s books are FREE to the kids! United Way is also committed to restocking the book machines twice a year. That way, the staff won’t have to worry about the machines running out.

There are four schools in Texas that have received these library machines from this initiative. Those schools are Port Arthur’s ISD Washington, Adams, and Houston elementary schools, and Sabine Pass ISD.

The original book vending machine is perfect for your school’s PBIS Rewards! PBIS, or Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support, is an initiative that encourages good behavior and can help to develop better students. How does PBIS do it? By recognizing and rewarding acts of kindness and academic achievement.

Did you know that over 20,000 schools across 44 states use PBIS rewards? It’s true! The success of the program and its continued adoption speaks for itself.

There are ways to obtain the funds to fuel the education of your students, we even have a series of posts about it! Investments into our children’s future is a win for everyone.

Custom Wrapped Book Vending Machines

You can get your book vending machine custom wrapped with just about any design! The machines here feature a blue sky and rolling green hills, with a book tower and children around a pils of books.

Feeling inspired? You can get your library machine custom wrapped too! Want to have a similar design? We can do that! Want to have your school logo? Easy! Our custom wraps allow for your creative juices to get flowing. Check out our custom wrap page for more info.

Bring Inchy to Your School

Don’t wait! Getting started on bringing Inchy to your school is as easy as picking up the phone or filling out a contact form. You can follow Inchy’s progress in bringing reading throughout the country by keeping up with our blog and checking us out on Facebook!

We’ve helped thousands of schools make the reading dream a reality for their students. Make sure yours is next! Reach out through our convenient contact form or give us a call today to get started!