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Inchy's Landing in Lynchburg | Reading by Example is on Display in Virginia Elementary School

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Students at Linkhorne Elementary School in Lynchburg, Virginia were in for a surprise the other day! The school unveiled a new vending machine. But this is Inchy the Bookworm’s blog, so they’re not dispensing sugary sodas or salty snacks. These machines dispense books!

You heard that right - Inchy’s original book vending machine dispenses knowledge-filled books to eager students! And better yet, the books are entirely free for the kids.

The staff and faculty at the school plan on using the book machine to encourage good behavior, develop leadership skills, and promote strong learners. It’s a perfect match for PBIS Rewards!

PBIS Rewards and Inchy

Inchy’s book vending machine is an excellent selection for your school’s PBIS program! PBIS, or Positive Behavior Interventions and Support, is an initiative to encourage good behavior and develop better students by recognizing acts of kindness and academic achievement with rewards.

PBIS programs are being used at over 20,000 schools in 44 states across the country! The success of the program and its continued adoption speaks for itself.

Students love jumping into entirely new worlds while getting gripped by a book, and teachers love seeing their beaming smiles while it happens.

Getting back to the school, faculty plans to select 22 students each week from various grade levels to redeem a token for a book of their choice. Students learn the value of good work and behavior with a limit, because not every student will get a book every week.

The ways to obtain the funds to give your students a better education are here, you’ve just got to seek them out! Investments into children’s futures, especially with reading, is a win for everyone. We’re always talking about ways to fundraise here on the blog, check out one of our previous entries for more ideas!

Custom Wrapped Book Vending Machines

Did you know? You can get your library machines custom wrapped with just about any design! Lynchburg's machine features alternating green, blue and orange fields, with the school's name and mascot adorning the sides and lower portion of the book vending machine.

If you’re feeling inspired, you can have your own machine custom wrapped! Want to have a similar design to this Virginia elementary school? We can do that! Want to add your school logo? Easy! Our custom wraps allow for your creative freedom to get flowing. Check out our custom wrap page for more information!

Bring Inchy to Your School!

Don’t wait! Getting started on bringing Inchy to your school is as easy as getting in touch. Don’t forget to follow Inchy’s progress through the country on our blog and through our Facebook!

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