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Inchy’s Traveling to Troupe County! | Georgia's Troupe County Plans to Install 7 New Book Vending Machines

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Hello and welcome to the blog here at Global Vending Group! Today, let's take some time to talk about Troupe County, Georgia and how the school board are planning to install SEVEN of Inchy the Bookworm’s Book Vending Machines!

The aim of the Troupe County School Board is to inspire a love for reading in these young schoolchildren. You know what that means…

Inchy’s Going to Georgia!

The machines are set to be funded by L4GA (Literacy for Learning, Living and Leading). Four elementary schools in the county already have their own original Inchy machines. This brings the total number of Inchy’s book machines to eleven!

Kids love to read, each book transports them into their own world where the events of the book take centerstage. Reading is an essential life skill too that will only benefit the kids as they progress through life.

As the vending machines are installed in their schools, teachers are able to incentivize good behavior and classroom achievement by rewarding tokens to be used by the students to receive FREE books! Rather than giving out candy or snacks, books are something that kids want and expand their world.

The kids get to choose from a selection of books aimed at their age levels and get to take their selection home to keep. This rewards system is a great integration of PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Support) Rewards.

PBIS Rewards and Inchy

There are over 20,000 schools across the country using PBIS programs. With Inchy the Bookworm’s PBIS system, students are given one-of-a-kind tokens that they use at the machine to select a book of their choice! You can implement your own rewards structure. Inchy’s book machine is perfect for bringing PBIS to your school or enhancing your own, existing, program!

Get Your Machine Custom Wrapped!

Did you Know? You can get your book vending machine custom wrapped! You can get your new book vending machine with a custom wrap job! Get any design you want, printed all over your machine.

Want to have a sky blue backdrop, complete with relaxing and rolling green hills? We can do that. Think your school logo emblazoned on a backing of your school colors? Easy! Maybe just a scene or image near and dear to your hometown? We have you covered.

Get your creative juices flowing and check out our custom wrap page for more inspiration and information!

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