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Inchy Strikes Again | New Book Vending Machine In Alabama Elementary School

If you’ve followed our blog in the past it should come as no surprise that our mascot Inchy the bookworm has been doing some travel lately. Since we made our first customized book vending machine for a local Buffalo NY school, Inchy has racked up some serious frequent flyer miles. Just check out some of our latest blogs and you’ll see how he’s been popping in and out of schools all across the country.

Inchy’s latest destination happens to be at Yarbrough Elementary school located in Auburn, Alabama. Not only is this the first book vending machine of its kind in the Auburn city school district, it’s the first one in the entire state of Alabama!

Alabama School Installs Book Vending Machine

It’s clear that the administrators at Yarbrough saw an opportunity to provide a service to aid their students’ education. As with many of our previous book machine installations, the school staff and members of the community worked hard to make this a reality. Motivated by an overwhelming desire to encourage kids to want to read, they were able to secure the funding to bring in a brand new book vending machine!

“We are always looking for new and exciting ways to encourage our students to read, whether that is Auburn Reads Nights at the mall, book clubs, the Book-It-For-Books 5k that we held just ... or something like this vending machine,”

Student’s are able to “purchase” these books using specially made coins featuring our mascot Inchy the Bookworm. Yarbrough’s officials even set up an incentive system where students can earn these coins by following the school’s new positivity program. This is a great way for students to learn about setting and achieving goals. They can see through the glass to pick out what books they want and then work hard earning the coins they need.

“For me, I want kids to see the machine lit up with enticing covers, peak inside and talk about the books with their friends,” …...“As long as books are getting into the hands of students, we are making a difference.”

And on top of all that, Yarbrough Elementary wanted to promote school pride by getting a custom vending machine wrap featuring their school’s emblem and mascot on the side!

At Global Vending Group we are proud to be able to help make a difference in promoting education among today’s youth. Contact us today for more info about what you can do to get your own custom book vending machine for your school.

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