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​Books Not Candy! | New Book Vending Machines


Books Not Candy! | New Book Vending Machines

Like any vending machine company, Global Vending can provide your standard vending machines. Whether you need soda or snack vending machines, combo or coffee vending machines, or even new or used vending machines, we’ve got you covered. But have you heard of our newest type of custom vending machine?

That’s right we’re talking about our brand new line of custom book vending machines! We recently partnered with a Buffalo public school to introduce a book vending machine in their school library. The result was overwhelming. Global Vending Group is proud to be able to help promote casual reading among young people.

Here’s The Problem

Did you know that teenagers average only 6 minutes of leisure reading everyday? It seems like with all the technology and various sources of entertainment at their fingertips, casual reading has been lost in the shuffle. It might seem like a minor issue but kids who don’t develop solid reading skills early on will only struggle as they progress in their education. Here’s a few examples of how a new book vending machine can help you combat this trend.

Vending Machines Are Fun

As we just mentioned, kids love technology; but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. You can use the new technology of a book vending machine to help reinvigorate a child’s passion for reading. After all, what child doesn’t get excited about using a vending machine and watching their selection dispense before their eyes. Simply put, the book vending machine turns reading into a game as kids work to collect tokens to buy the books they’ve had their eyes on.

Incentivize Students to Excel

We outfit our book vending machines with custom coin-ops made to accept our own unique gold coins. Using custom currency allows you to control how you want to incentivize your students. Consider giving out coins for doing well in class, for good behavior or even for perfect attendance. You can help the kids learn and create good habits while giving them a personal gift at the same time; it’s a win-win!

Free Books For Kids!

The best part about the book vending machine is the reward. Children get to keep the books they buy with their hard earned coins. The book vending system actually provides some benefits over the traditional library checkout as well. Students can get the book they want and never have to worry about finishing before the return deadline.

If you’d like encourage children to read with a book vending machine in Buffalo or anywhere else across the U.S, look to Global Vending Group. We’ll help you find the right vending machine that will fit your needs at the lowest possible cost. Now is the time to be a part of the future of vending. Don’t hesitate to give us a call for more information on what we’ve labeled our new Bookworm Vending Machine!