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nama national vending day

Did you know that tomorrow, March 7th, marks one of the biggest holidays in America? What are your plans for National Vending Day? Okay, so maybe you won’t get off work for National Vending Day but we’d be crazy to not at least mention it, as vending is our middle name! NAMA National Vending Day | Celebrating a $25 Billion Industry

The inaugural National Vending Day will be held on March 7, 2019 as a national celebration of all things vending, from manufacturers to vendors to vendees. To the average person, vending machines probably just appear throughout their day, and you may think of them as some sort of robot that just dispenses snacks and sodas. 

The reality is there are levels upon levels of work and dedication that go into creating, shipping, stocking, and making MONEY. Did you know that the vending industry provides 140,000 good paying jobs?

That’s $7.21 billion in wages according to NAMA, that pays 3.5 billion to taxes at every level of government. Not bad for that machine in the corner huh? The reality is that the vending industry is so much bigger than just the transaction for a 50 cent candy bar. (Where do you find those nowadays?)

NAMA dates all the way back to 1935, and now partners with more than 1,000 member companies. They provide reporting, education and research in addition to helping to advocate positive awareness for the vending industry. Global Vending Group has been a part of the vending industry for over two decades, and we know what it’s like to be passionate about this world. 

The average person has no idea how deep the world of vending can go, or how much money you can make through vending! If you’d like to learn a little more about getting started in the vending machine business you can give us a call! We love helping to be a part of the start of new vendors! We've worked with thousands of people all over the country to help them build their business in vending, and we aren't stopping any time soon!

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