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There are 2 main types of soda machines you want to first look at. Standard soda machines and glass front soda machines. Each has a completely different look and are desired for certain locations that have certain needs. Each type has its pros and cons in which we will explain in detail.

The 'standard' soda machine

Standard units are much cheaper then their glass front counterparts. However, these units have a few benefits exclusive to this type. For starters, these units are not only indoor rated but can also be placed outside. This is a key factor in your decision if you have an outdoor or high heat location. They're are also more theft proof as each unit has an inner metal sealant door used mainly seal in the cold and prevent leaking from rain and water. We also carry a variety of specially locks and Hasps which can prevent someone stealing your hard earned profits. Especially if placed in somewhat remote and unmonitored locations. We do recommend you place any outdoor unit in shade if possible to help the refrigeration have less stress. For this scenario we recommend Dixie Narco soda machines as they have slightly more robust heavy duty refrigerant system.

The BIG 3

Dixie Narco, Vendo and Royal. All of these are commercial grade American made units, so you can rest assure, any one of these will be a great addition to you location.

However, they're are a few small differences internally in which may make your search a lot easier to filter down based on your specific needs.


Dixie Narco

Dixie-Narco is one of if not the oldest MFG in the industry. Originally owned by may tag so you know there's quality behind this brand. These are heavy duty models are work horse machines. With a third more horsepower these units are great for outdoor and or high heat environments. They are simple and robust. If your needing a strong machine with easy programming that this is a good choice. We offer manuals and free phone support for everything we sell, but if you don’t have the time for all that then maybe a Dixie will be a good choice for you.



Japanese designed, American built ...a marriage that also spawned the birth of foreign cars becoming a mainstay in the early 90's with the likes of Honda. These machines are somewhere in the middle with the robustness of a Dixie but the functionality of the royals. These units have been trusted by vendors across the country for decades. If you want a simple workhorse machine but with programming not so deep as the royals, then the Vendo models are for you.


Royal soda machines have more flexible vending options and programming than the makes above. Now advanced programming options may deter some however keep in mind, these are vending machines, not computers. So even an inexperienced vendor can take advantage of the additional features with very little effort. The main difference with these Royal units is there spacer less design. Other standard units require a special spacer or 'shim' as we call it to vend different size drinks, well not with these. If you decide one day you want to switch your drinks around you can, right on the fly. You won't have to order and wait for new shims to arrive to finally swap your sizes. If the type of place that likes (or wants) to be able to try a multiple of different drink options to find that perfect setup, then a Royal machine is a good choice.

Glass front soda machines

Glass front models are more expensive than their traditional counterparts. Why is that? Well is certainly not just because of their more modern boutique looks. While it's true a glass front machine is beautiful, there a few key factors which justify the costs and additional flexibly to supply a specific need. One such demand is that of healthy drinks. Most healthy drinks come in very untraditional sizes, whether it be plain orange juice or a glass bottle of organic tea, these models will bend them no problem. This is huge for healthy minded locations and or vendors. Also, these types of soda machines also have more total bottle capacity. A standard soda machine with a graphic on the front will hold up to about 300 bottles max, while most glass front machines will hold in the area of 450. That's a 50% increase in volume, say goodbye to having to check your machine every few days... Or each week for that matter!

Another key factor is visibility, it has indeed been scientifically proven that higher visibility equals more sales, especially with impulse buyers, which depending on your location can have a very significant result. So if you have a need for healthy drinks, or simply just require to vend mostly bottles instead of cans...the glass front models should be a strong consideration, even if it's not just because they scream high end.

Graphic fronts

Standard soda machines are the typical units you see that have a graphic on the front. Whether it be Pepsi, Coke, Gatorade or even the 'generic fronts' such as waterfall or even ones that just say cold drinks. Regardless of the graphic on the front of your machine keep in mind it holds no sway over what brands of drinks you can vend. You can put all Pepsi drinks In a machine that says Coke and vice versa. Another misconception for beginners is that of copyright on the graphic front. Now you cannot buy new soda machines with any branded fronts, so for this were speaking strictly of refurbished models. When purchasing second hand equipment such as our full refurbished models, you are bound to no copyright laws. So you can rest assure if you want Pepsi soda machines it's yours, without the worry etc. we purchase large quantities of used equipment that's comes in all brands you can think of, however, sometimes they are scratch and not up to our standards, in that case we fit them with generic fronts and only keep the the best looking original branded fronts on there. That's is why we have a multitude of generic and branded options to provide you.

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