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The Daily Grind | Coffee Vending Machines for Your Office

You might be surprised to learn that coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world as of last year. The United States leads the way as the largest coffee consumer worldwide, consuming around 400 million cups of coffee each day. To take that a step further, about half of americans over the age of 18 are drinking at least one cup of coffee every day; that’s roughly 150 million people! Numbers like that are hard to ignore and clearly illustrate how dependant people are nowadays on their coffee.

Odds are pretty good that some of those 150 million people are working in your office right now. Why should this concern you? Because the average coffee drinker will have about 3 cups of coffee each day. That means even if they have a cup before work, they’re going to need a refill before too long. Having a coffee vending machine on hand in your office will not only benefit your employees, but can go a long way to improving your business as a whole. Here’s a few reasons why you should think about buying coffee vending machines for your office today.

Productivity and Efficiency

The benefits of employees having coffee on hand cannot be ignored. It’s pretty common for production to lag a bit as the day draws on and people get tired. Having a fresh cup of coffee at your side is a great remedy for improving focus and overall productivity at work. Working at a location without any coffee vending machines doesn’t leave you or your employees with many options. You’ll either have to brew your own in-house or leave the office to get another cup. Either way it’s going to take some time and will hinder your efficiency as a whole. Having a coffee vending machine on site will keep your employees happy and mentally alert all day long.


If you’re concerned about the cost of buying a vending machine for your office, don’t worry. In the long run it’ll be a cheaper option than keeping coffee in stock for your office or hiring a coffee catering service. Couple that with the fact that you’ll be making a little money back on the side and it’s no contest. It may be a bit of an upfront investment but you’ll slowly make your money back and you’ll be providing your employees with a quick and easy way to get their get caffeine fix for the day.

All Inclusive

Nothing is worse than the feeling you get when you go to make coffee at the office break room only to discover that you’re all out. This is a problem that you won’t have to worry about with coffee vending machines because all supplies are stored inside and can be monitored so that you’ll know if anything is running low. Alternatively, you can simply contract a company to maintain and restock your machine so that your office will never have to go without.


Nowadays, there are so many popular blends of coffee that you might be hard set to find one that everyone at your office will enjoy. The great thing about coffee vending machines is that it can be stocked with different styles so everyone can enjoy whatever kind they prefer. You can even choose to stock your machine with other popular hot beverages like cappuccino, tea, espresso, and even hot chocolate.

Here at Global Vending Group, we offer a wide selection of both snack and drink vending machines. If you think adding coffee vending machines to your office or business park would be nice touch, then check out what we have available on our website. We make sure we carry the top brands in the industry, like Jofemar and Saeco, and will do all we can to supply you with coffee vending machines that will be perfect for your needs.

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