3 Reasons to Replace Your Current Soda Vending Machine

Having a soda vending machine in a break room or commercial building is a great detail. But, is your soda vending machine older than your youngest employee? It would seem that these machines “last a lifetime”, which is true. But there are some benefits to replacing an older soda vending machine with a newer model. Global Vending Group has new, used and refurbished drink vending machines for sale!

Newer Technology

As with most things in our world today, soda vending machines have changed due to technological advances. There are now soda vending machines, like the Vendo VUE-40, that use an advanced robotic delivery system to dispense product. That means that sodas and other beverages aren’t shaken up. Customers are more satisfied with the product because it is no longer associated with a minor inconvenience. They are more likely to use these machines, resulting in a higher profits for you!

Easy to Maintain

A new soda vending machine from Global Vending Group is a hassle free way to purchase a new soda vending machine. Soda does not expire at the same rate as other food products. That means that you have to rotate product less frequently. The maintenance rate for your new soda vending machine is low as well. Global Vending Group also sells parts for our soda vending machines. These parts are easy to find on our website, and easy to purchase, just in case something does go wrong! If you’re thinking about buying new vending machines and aren’t sure where to begin, chances are good that soda machines for sale from the Global Vending Group will work for you.

Energy Efficient

The newer a machine is, the more likely it is to reduce your carbon footprint. Most of the new models of soda vending machines are actually ENERGY STAR approved. So you would be getting the same product, with less energy being used, making it more environmentally friendly. The drink vending machines from Global Vending Group are energy efficient! You are able to buy a new or used soda vending machine from Global Vending Group; there is definitely something in our inventory that will match your beverage machine needs!

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Updating your current soda vending machine is one of the few ways you can start the new year off right. Let Global Vending Group be your guide to finding the perfect vending machine for you!

Please contact us or call 1-800-592-4220 to setup an appointment today! 

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