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As a leading retailer of new and used vending machines, we prefer to stick with the best manufacturers in the country. Federal Machine is a company based out of small town in Iowa, and has been making vending machines since back in 1959. Many companies that create new vending machines are found around the world, but Federal has been producing high quality snack, soda, coffee, and other vending machines right here on our own soil. Let’s learn a little more about what Federal Machine has to offer!

Eco Friendly

One thing that Federal Machine prides themselves on is recognizing their responsibility to be eco friendly, both in the 375,000ft manufacturing facility, as well as in their products. All of the new Federal vending machines come equipped with features such as long life LED lighting, high efficiency insulation, fuel saving options, and CFC-Free R134a modular refrigeration system. These are all features that keep the environment in mind.

Snack Machines

Federal offers a nice assortment of various snack vending machines. The lineup consists of four different sizes, with each size featuring an upgraded “Black Diamond” model. You can go compact with a 12 item machine, 23, 32, or 40. All of the machines feature sales and accounting features, and is ready for a credit/debit card reader. The Black Diamond models have a few extra bells and whistles, including a sleek design, re-configurable product spacing, iVend Delivery Sensor system, and a bezel point of sale window.

Drink Machines

Similarly to the snack lineup, the soda also has various sizes for various needs. They also feature Black Diamond upgrades that include double depth high capacity storage, eye catching graphic display, and the LED lighting that really catches the eye of the consumer. You can go with a little 6 product drink machine, thats only 21” wide, or you can go with a 40 selection machine for high traffic areas.

One thing is for certain, Federal Machine makes a high quality product lineup, and they provide customers with a wide assortment of options. Stay tuned to our blog for more information on various vending machine manufacturers and the newest and latest equipment. Federal Machine also provides superior customer service for distributors and customers. Lifetime online and phone support comes with the machines, and Global Vending Group can bring you any of the snack vending machines! Just give us a call!