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Before you buy any new vending machines it’s best to consider all of your available options. Rather than just looking at standard vending machines, you should consider digital display vending machines; one of the hottest trends in the vending industry. The world we live in today is heavily dominated by new technology and most industries are seeing a push into the digital realm. The world of vending machines is no different. Digital display vending machines are on the rise and will likely become the new industry standard. If you don’t know how a digital display vending machine will make a difference, here’s a quick look at some of the benefits digital signage can provide for your vending machine business.

Increased Sales

While nothing is a guarantee, digital display vending machines do have some useful tools that should help boost your current sales. Utilizing digital signage is a great method for attracting customer attention. Showing a short video clip of a soda pouring into a glass should be more likely to entice a potential customer to make a purchase compared to the static picture on the front of a traditional soda vending machine. In effect, digital display vending machines give you a source of free advertising for your vending business.

Additional Revenue Stream

Alternatively, if you feel like your vending business is doing well enough you can set up your digital display as a new revenue source by selling ad space. Any vending transaction is going to demand the customer’s attention for about a minute while they make their purchase and wait for the product. This is valuable advertising time that any number of companies would be interested in. A good place to shop your new ad space would be with some of the local businesses around your vending machine location as they would likely be broadcasting directly to their target clientele. Think about how much a nearby pizza shop could benefit by advertising on the digital display of your new soda vending machine.

Fully Customizable Approach

Another beautiful feature of a digital display vending machine lies in it’s easy customizable approach. If at any point you feel like your ads or videos need to change, your display can be remotely managed and updated in only a matter of minutes with no additional cost. Compare this to changing the front display of a more traditional soda vending machine and it’s no contest; digital display vending machines win hands down.

A New Customer Experience

As with any business, vending machine owners need to consider who they are trying to sell to. Odds are pretty good that a large portion of your target demographic is going to be made up of millennials. Digital display vending machines are the perfect tool for reaching the younger generation who are constantly looking for experience driven purchases. Touch screens and wireless capable interactions coupled with exciting video and music might not only make buying from a vending machine easier but more fun as well.

Digital display vending machines are the future of the vending machine industry. In the visual world we live in, it’s especially important to keep up with the newest technological trends. These digital display vending machines will help to boost your revenue by displaying products in a tantalizing way. Contact Global Vending Group today to get more information about our digital display vending machines as well as our other snack, coffee and soda vending machine options. Call us today so we can find the perfect vending machine for you!

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