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Returning to school | fall 2020

With COVID-19 shutting down most of the country for several months, we are finally seeing it get back to normal. Students have been affected by this more than most. Some of the most important times in a person's life are the times they spend in school growing up with their peers. Schools across the country are planning to open back up in the fall. The transition back might come with some obstacles to overcome. 


When students across the United States go back to school, and a new protocol will most likely go into effect. Try to ease the tension with something that can spark excitement throughout the school or even the district. Book Vending Machines have been captivating schools district all over the country in the past few years. The Global Vending Group along with Inchy the bookworm have had the privilege to share their excitement for reading with students of all ages.

Your typical vending machine usually consists of either snacks or drinks. But now you have the choice to choose a book vending machine instead. Fill it with what you know kids want to read. Instead of using quarters, teachers are given special coins. Using them as a reward for how they see fit. A teacher gives a student a coin to use at the machine in exchange for the book of their choice.


It is going to take a while for students to fully get back into the groove of returning to school this fall. After being home for so long, and doing virtual schooling. It might be hard for some to adapt to the change. Not only getting re-acclimated to the old routine but adapting to the new COVID regulations that will be put into place. Students across the country have experienced these vending machines first hand. They all agree it is “So Cool.” Getting students excited about reading is something that you can’t force. But what you can do is give them the option to pursue it themselves.


With one school year ending in an unpredictable fashion. The next will be starting up in just a few months. Other than being able to see fellow classmates again, students will want some form of new excitement to help them re-engage themselves in a physical classroom. The Global Vending Group can customize any machine to make your students excited about reading. If you want to re-engage your students in a fun way this fall semester, try out a new customizable Book Vending Machine. 

To inquire about Inchy the Bookworm and his vending machines. Call Global Vending today at 866-468-0272 to choose your customized machine!!!

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