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Inchy is Coming to Jersey | Ribbon Cutting Sep 27 Leonardo NJ Book Vending Machine

Boy things are getting pretty crazy across the nation! Inchy the Bookworm has reached far and wide, inspiring reading from coast to coast! Here on our blog, we want to highlight as many schools who have chosen to help nurture and stimulate their students with a custom book vending machine. Both students and faculty have been extremely excited for each ribbon cutting ceremony.

New Jersey Book Vending Machine

Later this week, Inchy will find a home within Leonardo Elementary School in Leonardo New Jersey. This will be the first time seeing the new book vending machine in New Jersey! Teachers and students and whoever the Leonardo district wants will be in attendance this week for the ribbon cutting and unveiling ceremony!

Unveiling the Inspiration

When you sign up with Global Vending Group to purchase a book vending machine for your school, you’ll ask about your ribbon cutting kit. With this kit you’ll have all the tools to make for a huge public ceremony that can bring in news outlets, as well as provide quality social media content for your school!

We Encourage You To Share!

Stay tuned to see more on the ribbon cutting ceremony in Leonardo later this week! We will share content, photos, and videos from the event on our social media, and you can see for yourself how special each and every one of these days are. It has been such a pleasure helping the community in New Jersey, as well as around the country. The smiles on the faces of the children, and seeing the satisfaction of the teachers observing the inspiration is just so unforgettable.

Stay tuned for More!

We will continue to highlight stories of Inchy and the Bookworm Book vending machine as it continues it’s journeys across the US! If you would like more information about how your school can fundraise or utilize grants, feel free to give us a call! We will always be here to answer your questions. We have worked with various schools all over, and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! The more kids we can see inspired, the better!