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A few weeks ago, in the Lancaster, PA area the Ephrata Area school board held a meeting approving nine venture grants for the district in the upcoming school year, totaling slightly over $52k. One of those grants is earmarked for Highland Elementary School’s students in the form of a book vending machine!

You know what that means… Inchy is installing a new book vending machine in Lancaster, PA!

The Ephrata Area Education Foundation is dedicated to inspiring academic achievement, supporting innovation and offering opportunities for children and students in the Ephrata Area School District.

Inchy’s original book vending machine dispenses free books to kids for their positive behavior, using special gold inchy tokens. It’s a perfect fit for your school’s PBIS rewards program! PBIS, or Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports is a way to reinforce academic achievement and positive behavior in your student body.

There are over 20,000 schools in 44 states using PBIS rewards systems. With Inchy the Bookworm’s PBIS rewards, students are awarded a unique Inchy Token to use at the machine to select a book of their choice. The school faculty awards deserving students for following PBIS guidelines, or by their own rewards policy!

Educators and Children love Inchy The Bookworm's Vending Machine!

The ways to obtain funds to give students better education are here, you just have to seek them out. An investment in any sort of children’s education, but especially reading, is a win for all. We talked earlier about ways to fundraise, but you can also consider this as another tool in that belt.

Get your machine custom-wrapped!

Our last blog entry talked about the Pendleton Elementary School’s book vending machine being placed in their library and custom-wrapped. It has rolling green hills, a clear blue sky, and a Margaret Fuller quote, “Tomorrow a reader, tomorrow a leader.” Inspired by this custom-wrapped vending machine? Your own book machine can have a customized look too!

Our machines all have the option to be wrapped in a unique design that can be just about anything you think of. Clipart kids celebrating reading and diversity? We can do that. Your school mascot? Easy. Something unique and dear to your town or city? Let’s do it. Let your creativity flourish! Check out our custom wrap page for more information.

Get in Touch!

Contact Global Vending Group today to get started on bringing the original book vending machine to your school! Don’t forget to follow along with our blog to make sure you don’t miss an update! You can also find us on Facebook.

We’ve helped thousands of schools and organizations make the reading dream a reality. Get started bringing the original and best book vending machine to your school today by calling us at (800).592.4220 or filling out an online contact form.

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