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An elementary school in Norwood, New Jersey has recently added a book vending machine to their school! Inchy’s book vending dream is to bring reading to kids in schools all across the US and Canada. These kids love to read, and we love making it happen.

Inchy’s Original Book Vending Machine is Headed Down I-91 to NJ!

Norwood Elementary School, in Bergen County, launched a new program called “Caught Being Kind” where students are rewarded when they’re noticed performing random acts of kindness. This program is set to combat bullying and promote kindness by encouraging reading.

At this school, all acts of being kind, big or small, are noticed and rewarded. Some kids have received books for complimenting a friend’s artwork, others for helping another student pick up their pencils from a spilled case, and more. So far, the school has recognized almost 90 random kindness acts and plans to increase that number to 300 by the end of the year.

This school’s blue, white, and orange striped book vending machine is prominently displayed at the front entrance of the school and is filled to the brim with diverse, fun, and educational books that the students love! The goal is for the happy feelings and rewards of books to spread through the school and foster a culture of kindness.

Each week the school rewards students they’ve caught displaying compassion to others by giving them a gold token to use at Inchy’s original book vending machine, and get their names read out over the loudspeaker!

Inchy’s Book Vending Machines can be Custom Wrapped!

Norwood’s Elementary School’s book vending machine is placed in their entryway and custom-wrapped, with navy blue blocks, followed by a white stripe, an orange block, and finally alternating white stripes and blue bars. Inspired by their wrapped vending machine? Your own book machine can have a customized look too!

Our machines all have the option to be wrapped in a unique design that can be just about anything you think of. Clipart kids celebrating reading and diversity? We can do that. Your school mascot? Easy. Something unique and dear to your town or city? Let’s do it. Let your creativity flourish! Check out our custom wrap page for more information.

Give Your Students the Gift of Reading!

Get in touch with Global Vending Group today and bring YOUR students the gift of reading! We’ve helped hundreds of schools get their own Inchy machines, yours could be next. Get a quote for your book vending machine today! Follow along with our blog and Facebook pages to track Inchy’s progress around the world.

You can get your Inchy journey started by going ahead and calling us at (800).592.4220 or filling out our contact form!

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