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​5 Reasons to Have an Inchy the Bookworm Book Vending Machine in Your School


5 Reasons to Have an Inchy the Bookworm Book Vending Machine in Your School

Incentivize Children with Books

It may be difficult to get children excited to pick up a book these days, but if you have the right incentives, kids will turn towards reading. The gold token program, a merit based program customized by your school, rewards students with a golden token that the student can then use to pick a book of their choosing as a reward for good behavior, academic achievement, or acts of kindness.

 In this Nov. 18 photo, Fourth grader Lainey Rogers, right, talks with fifth grader Yididia Demilie as she pulls her book of choice from the slot on Inchy, the "bookworm vending machine," at John Harris Elementary in Sioux Falls. (Erin Bormett/The Argus Leader via AP)

Change the Way Your Students View reading

If reading and the freedom to choose what a child can read is changed into a reward, the students will see reading as a privilege and will become excited to start a new adventure within a book. Many students see reading as a part of homework, but with the gold rewards program, you have the opportunity to change the way a child views books and their reading abilities.

Access to Print

Studies have shown that a child’s access to books and reading material directly effects a child’s reading ability and proficiency. Also, with access comes matching the correct books with children. Children want books that are new and relevant to their lives. Studies show that having access to “new, age-appropriate books has been shown to nearly triple reading interests within months.”

Reading Children Turn into Reading Adults

One of the biggest factors of students dropping out of high school is literacy. If a child isn’t given the tools and access to books at a young age, in order to foster a love or ability to read, their chances of finishing their education are dramatically lower than if they develop their literacy skills at a younger age.

Start Strong, Grow Stronger

According to statistics, “the sad truth is that the vast majority of children who start behind, stay behind, leading to an increase in our nation’s dropouts.” Alternatively, the opposite is true—if a child is given the access and opportunity to grow a love and ability to read, that child will grow up to thirst for knowledge in all areas of their life.

We are here to help!

If your school district is in need of an Inchy the Bookworm book vending machine, fill out your information here, or give us a call and we can help get an Inchy into your school. We are here to make your students' journey to literacy an adventure worth taking.