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Arcadia Elementary school teacher awarded grant for book vending machine

Wisconsin-based radio station WXOW runs a Tools for Schools program, and May’s winner, Andrea Izdepski, is getting a $1,000 grant to stock her school with a book vending machine.

You know what that means; Inchy is headed to Wisconsin!

Izdepski’s application said that many of her own students and the student body at large’s families cannot afford to buy books. Earning the books through good deeds, however, is something they can do and feel proud of for accomplishing. WXOW agreed, and in turn awarded the grant to her.

Izdepski said, "What you're doing matters, what you're positive behavior does, people see it, people notice it, and by earning that golden coin kids get that extrinsic motivation like, 'Wow, look at what I earned by doing the right thing!' And as they get older, as they mature they'll see that good things happen when I do good things and act the right way and they can translate that into everyday life."

The Tools for Schools grant is a monthly grant awarded to different educators. These teachers who need extra funding for their classrooms, and have a fun idea simply need to apply for the grant to be considered. WXOW in conjunction with their sponsors have been doing it since December 2019 and have no intention of stopping.

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The machines can also be wrapped in just about any design too, whether it be a school mascot or an art piece a student made, or just something unique and dear to your town. Get creative with it and have some fun!