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Cold Food Vending Machines

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Offering You the Best Vending Experience

If you’re looking for one or many cold food vending machines for sale, then you’re in the right place. Global Vending Group is the largest vending resource with the highest quality cold food vending machines for sale from popular manufacturers like Jofemar, Perfect Break Systems and National. Browse through our new vending machines below or give us a call (800) 592-4220 and discuss your vending requirements with any of our specialists. Our new vending machine prices are not only attractive but are also guaranteed to be competitive with other vending retailers.

Vending with Experts

It is only advisable to purchase a cold food vending machine by those who have a large location. Cold food items are perishable and expensive! You don't want to waste your product (and $$) due to a small location that’s not producing enough sales. We offer cold food vending machines for sale that come with a dedicated “health sensors” to avoid selling spoiled products, among other safety precautions, as an experienced cold vending machine owner would know to consider is the counter-checking of whether the machine has GFCI units installed. This is to facilitate the proper management of electricity with the correct cable.

We guarantee professionalism in the way we partner with our customers. We can guide you through the installation, repair or maintenance process. Learn about which parts your vending machine may need or which vendors to contact about filling your machine with the right food products. Whether you’re interested in installing a cold food machine in your business’ facility or you’re starting a vending enterprise, Global Vending Group is here to help you succeed.