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Dixie Narco SIID Soda Vending Machine

Setting Price on a Dixie Narco SIID Soda Vending Machine

Dixie Narco 501E Vending Machine

The Dixie Narco soda vending machines that have the SIID controller can have their prices set very easily. The vending machine has two modes of operation. One is the normal mode and the other is the service mode. To enter the service mode you will need to open the vending machine door and press the service mode button that it found on the control board of the vendor. To find the control board you can follow the wiring back from the coin mechanism to where it plugs into a device that is similar looking to a computer board with a lot of wiring coming out of it. Amongst these wires you will find a button that can be pressed. Go ahead press it you won't get shocked or ruin your vending machine.

The service mode has many different options that you can program into your vending machine. We are going to focus on one particular the "SP" or Set Price menu option. When you have press the service button on the control board, you have entered the service mode of your soda vending machine you will see "HD" displayed on the front LED display of your vending machine. This will display for about 2 minutes if no buttons have been pressed your vending machine will return to the normal mode.

From here we are going to want to use the very first two selection buttons to move through the options for programming your machine. To move to the next programmable option you are going to want to press the first to selection buttons simultaneously, together, until you see "RD" displayed on the LED. Now we are going to repeat this step once more and press them together one more time and now you should see "SP" displayed. This is where we going to want to be. This is the Set Price mode of the vendor.

While you are in the price setting mode of your vending machine you can set the prices of your selections individually or set the price of the whole machine to one price. When we want to set the price of each selection all we have to do is press that particular selection and hold the button in and you will see the price increment. Keep holding the button and when you get to your desired price let that selection go. Now just move onto the next selection and repeat the processes by holding that selection button.

You may be thinking to yourself I have gone past the price that I want the selection for. Don't fret just let that selection go and press and hold it again and the price will decrement. You can repeat this again and the price will go back up if release the selection and press and hold it again. This is not a difficult process now, is it? Say that you want to have all the prices set for one price on your machine. You can achieve this by setting the price of the first selection and then pressing and holding the 3rd and 4th selection button together for 5 seconds and that will set the whole soda vending machine for one price.

To complete this task all we need to do now is shut the soda machines door. Doing this will save all the prices into memory. We should go through each selection making sure that the prices are set to what we wanted them for. You should press each selection button and see what price displays and I would go ahead and vend each selection just to be on the safe side and see if it vends for that particular price.

We are done. Go now and enjoy the day, enjoy the accomplishment that you have achieved and always enjoy the profits that you are going to reap with your soda vending machines. Remember if you want to find out if this process will work for your machine just take a look at the tag on the left hand side of your machine if you see SIID after the model number, example DN501E SIID, it most likely it will work.