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Inventory Management Systems

Inventory Management Vending Machines

Our Inventory Management Systems provide complete visibility, accountability, access control and security. All of which are sure to improve your efficiency within your supply chain.  Our product inventory management system will provide a cache of customized reports to track/manage your product inventory levels, monitor usage by employee/machine/location, set limits/restrict access, manage project/job/department budgets/sub-contractor usage, provide audit control, track real time inventory levels, and generate reorder reports (min/par level function).  Our product inventory management system will reduce timely manual inventory audits/counts, reduce shrinkage and waste through our vending machine inventory tracking/access control system, and generate auto reorders which will reduce stock outages and lost sales.  Create a greater “partnership” between supplier and end user!  Impact your bottom line by reducing cost and maximizing profitability with Global Vending Group’s IMS program.

Our systems run on standard power connected to a secure server through an Ethernet cat 5 cable which will communicate to a web base user friendly system in REAL TIME.  Machine access through an industrial key pad, mag stripe card, company access card, RFID, or key fob.

We offer traditional coil delivery systems as well as a fully adjustable track system with an elevator delivery to eliminate breakage of high value items.  We offer custom configuration on all our systems.


Markets we serve

Industrial Supplies: PPE (personal protection equipment) safety glasses & goggles, safety clothing, gloves, protective outerwear, first aid products, ear plugs, dust masks, aspirators, and chemical monitor/exposure tags.

Tool & Industrial Equipment: Grinding wheels/discs, cutting tools, nuts/bolts/fasteners, tape, batteries, drill bits, sanding supplies, adhesives, painting supplies, and traditional hand tools.

Mining & Exploration: PPE, flashlights, valves, batteries, chemical monitor/exposure tags, safety equipment, masks & aspirators, first aid products, ear plugs, safety glasses/goggles, and protective outerwear.

Global Vending Group offers custom configuration, set up, employee/user file integration, training, technical support, operational support, system integration & IT support, software upgrades as well as a full line of preventative maintenance products for all hardware.  Global Vending Group offers full field coverage through our National Service Network.



Global Vending Group is the only provider of Inventory Management Systems that run on multiple platforms and multiple delivery systems.  Please contact us at 800-592-4220 for details and pricing.