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These great looking used vending machines for sale from Global Vending Group are a great deal. You can buy used (refurbished) vending machines in a wide range of sizes and function. We offer hundreds of used vending machines for sale from manufacturers like Rowe, AP, Vendo, Cavalier, and Dixie Narco. With over 30 years combined experience, Global Vending Group is your one-stop shop for high-quality used vending machines that will encourage business and stay functional.

The major concern with buying used vending machines is always state of repair. No one wants to end up with a maintenance headache and with some vendors it can be difficult to determine the actual condition of a machine. Global Vending Group backs all of its used vending machines for sale with a quality guarantee; we personally inspect all of our machines to ensure they are fully operational. Information regarding the specific condition of the machine is listed clearly on the sales page so there are no surprises. We offer used vending machines for sale which are fully capable of vending soda, candy, snacks, and everything else.

When you’re first building your vending machine business, it’s likely that your budget will be extremely tight. Buying used vending machines allows you to quickly build your network without doing too much damage to your budget, and thus serve as an excellent alternative for those business owners with a big network to explore but limited funds for actual equipment. If you can’t quite afford to put brand-new Coke machines in every available location, for example, investing in used vending machines will allow you to find larger coverage at a lower cost.

If you have any questions about buying used vending machines in general or specific machines you see on our site, please contact our customer service professionals for assistance at 800.592.4220. We are here to help!