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Start a Vending Machine Business Today | PPE Vending

You might be thinking now is not the time to start a business of your own. But there is no time like the present to start one. With our PPE Vending Machines, you would be able to make profits in just a couple of months time. With customizable PPE vending options along and wall-mounted options, we can suit whatever you deem essential in starting your Vending Machine Business.

PPE Vending Machine Options

COVID-19 is still here and who knows when it will get under control. Numbers are going up all over the world. One of the ways we can work together as a whole to help stop the spread of the virus is to sanitize as much as possible and wear the proper PPE gear. Sometimes if you are on the go, you might not have the option to grab your PPE gear or you simply forgot it. With PPE Vending machines you can give people the option to grab there PPE gear on the go.

An All in One Stop Shop

We don’t just provide you with machines for your business, we also provide you supplies to fill you machine with. We offer travel-sized hand sanitizer, all the way to face masks and gloves. Anything that will help keep you safe during your daily travels. Most places are requiring face coverings when entering their place of business. You can only wear masks for so long before they go bad or do not serve the purpose anymore. Having a one-stop option for those who need it can be a great relief for people on the go.

Places to Install Your Machine

When thinking of places to install your PPE Vending Machines, keep in mind heavy foot traffic and highly populated facilities. One place that might stand out is a shopping mall, or plaza. With malls opening back up this is an ideal place that will require PPE gear and what better way to get that through automated retail options like vending machines. Another place that would be essential is airports. With people still using airlines to travel, keeping airports COVID free is essential to prevent any further spread of the pandemic. Office building with a large volume of people will also be ideal. The more people that come across your machine is vital to making a profit quicker in your vending machine business.

If you have been thinking about starting your own PPE Vending Machine business, contact us today and get the ball rolling!! 

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