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Routine Maintenance | Replacing Faulty Vending Machine Parts

One of the perks of owning and operating a vending machine business is the automation. Once your machines are set up and stocked you can sit back and watch the money roll in. But what happens when something goes wrong and your vending machines aren’t working the way they should?

The bottom line is that vending machines, like everything else, require some routine maintenance to keep performing at peak efficiency. As with any business, it’s probably not the best idea to wait around until something fails before you take action. Here’s a few things you can do to keep your soda, snack, and other vending machines in tip-top shape.

Thorough Cleanings

Regular cleaning and upkeep is very important. You don’t want your vending machine parts malfunctioning because of excess dirt, dust and grime gumming up the works. This is especially important when dealing with soda vending machines and coffee vending machines because they can spill and cause important parts to stick or corrode over time. Additionally, nobody wants to buy food from a dirty vending machine, so keeping the exterior pristine is a good way to attract new customers and not alienate your regulars.

Vend Tests

Keeping your vending machine parts clean is the best way to preemptively avert disaster, however it won’t always alert you to an existing problem. Even the cleanest vending machines can have underlying issues when it comes to accepting money, dispensing products, or even keeping beverages cold. It’s a good practice to run a simple vend test each time you restock to ensure that your machines are operating properly. You don’t want to risk losing regular customers because your vending machine keeps eating their money.

Replace Faulty Parts

If you do happen to notice something isn’t working right, you should immediately take action and replace the broken vending machine parts so that you can get back to making money. This can be as simple as locating a faulty piece and installing a replacement, but it may also require hiring a vending machine service technician to handle the more complicated problems. It’s vitally important to take action quickly because not only will a broken machine scare away good paying customers, it may also influence the owner of the site to have you remove your machine altogether.

Look to the Experts

If you need to find replacement vending machine parts quickly, Global Vending Group is here to help. We offer new and refurbished vending machine parts and can help you figure out exactly what you need. Ordering vending machine parts and installing them yourself is usually the most cost effective way to repair a problem. However, if the problem seems too advanced for you we can also have an expert do some quick on-site vending machine service and repair.

At Global Vending Group, our goal is to help you meet the needs of owning a vending machine business. Whether that means supplying new soda vending machines and snack vending machines, or just having the parts and expertise available to make your machines run properly, we want to help your business run smoothly. When it comes to fixing broken machines you need to deal with a vending machine supplier you can trust; look to Global Vending Group.

Give us a call today at 1-800-592-4220 if you have any questions.