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Refurbished PPE Vending Machines | PPE Vending and Supplies

Why Choose a Refurbished PPE Vending Machines

When approaching the Spring of 2020, no one was expecting COVID-19 to take the world by storm. With face mask regulations put into place across the globe, along with sanitation stations being installed everywhere. There is a solution currently rising and growing that companies and places of business are finding extremely successful. A one-stop solution that meets all the PPE needs to be required by any individual. It’s Global Vending Groups customizable Refurbished PPE Vending Machines.

PPE Supplies For Your Machine

When filling your machine with the proper PPE Vending products, you will be wondering what are the essential products you must use. Global Vending Group has you covered. You can choose directly from our website, the products you will need to stock your vending machines. With not just disposable masks, we have themed masks to add a little bit of style to your PPE.

Travel Sized PPE Products

Hand Sanitizer was as precious as gold at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that it has become more accessible, we have the option of filling your machine with hand and surface sanitizer. But not only that. With also have our 3-ply face masks along with our KN95 face masks which are more durable. 

Also, in your Refurbished PPE Vending machines we have other alternatives if you don’t want to use liquid or gel sanitizers to sanitize your hands and surfaces. You can choose our hand and surface sanitation wipes. Either way, we got you covered. Even providing your PPE Vending machines customers with vinyl gloves to take with you on the go.

PPE Solutions Through PPE Vending

Automated retail is here to stay. Making a one-stop solution for those who need to get there PPE products on the go. Whether in a shopping mall, school, grocery store, or any place of business, Refurbished PPE Vending Machines are the solution. It is no question that PPE is going to be in regulation for a long time coming. The main question you should ask yourself is, how do I get my PPE Vending machine at my place of business today! The answer is through The Global Vending Group.

Call Global Vending today at 1-866-468-0272 to get your Refurbished PPE Vending Machine sent out to you!!!!!