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Wall Mounted PPE Vending Machines From Global Vending Group

We’re all living in an unprecedented time. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic many businesses across the US have been forced to close their doors to help stop the spread of this virus. As we continue to work through this difficult time, more and more businesses will reopen but it’s imperative that we all continue to remain cautious. If you’re a business owner and want to ensure your customers and employees are safe, consider purchasing a new PPE vending machine from Global Vending Group.

Here at GVG we pride ourselves on being innovators in the vending machine industry. We wanted to do our part to help businesses large and small stay safe as they start to reopen in the coming months. With our new PPE vending machine, business owners will be able to offer much needed personal protective equipment to their employees and customers from a convenient sanitize station. Here’s everything you need to know about our new PPE vending machine.

New PPE Vending Machine

Prevention is the key to keeping everyone safe. Our PPE vending machine will allow easy access to much needed personal protective equipment for anyone who enters your building, office or workspace. This new vending machine will dispense protective face masks, hand sanitizer gels, antibacterial wipes, nitrile gloves and other various travel sized items as needed. All it takes is a touch to spread this dangerous virus so having this equipment available and accessible to all is essential. Your best bet would be to place our PPE machine near the entrance to your building. That way anyone who enters can take the necessary precautions from your wall mounted sanitizing station.

Features of our New PPE Vending Machine

As we mentioned this new vending machine is a wall mounted dispenser. This means you won’t need to worry about finding the space to fit a bulky vending machine in your lobby area. All you’ll need is an approximately 32 by 24 inch space on a wall with access to an outlet. With 5 available product trays you can stock and sell different items so that people can get whatever they need as they enter. Each of these machines come with a standard bill acceptor but can also be upgraded to include a credit card reader or QR/RFID scanner for more convenient purchasing. When you buy one of our PPE machines you’ll have the option of adding custom vending machine graphics. You can add your business logo, slogan or anything else you can think of; the choice is yours.

PPE Vending For More Than Just Covid-19

Of course we’re all hoping we’ll come through these difficult circumstances sooner rather than later. Even after things return to normal, you can still get great use out of your new PPE vending machine. We live in an age where people are growing more and more health conscious everyday and we expect that trend will continue in the post-coronavirus world. People will always have a use for personal, travel sized protective equipment and your PPE vending machine can provide these tools in a convenient way. Our one stop sanitize station can also make a great addition to your restrooms as a hand sanitizer dispenser as well for any patrons who would like additional protection against germs.

Global Vending Group is proud to be able to offer you our new PPE vending machine as you prepare to reopen your business. However, at this time our supply is limited so don’t wait to put your order in. You can fill out our online contact form or give us a call today for more information on purchasing your PPE vending machine.