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The students at Park Avenue Elementary School in Freehold, NJ were in for a big surprise last week. When they strolled into school, a brand new vending machine was set up. However, much like Inchy’s machines you’ve read about around the country, this book dispenser feeds the mind! You know what that means….

Inchy’s taking a journey to Jersey!

The Freehold Borough Educational Foundation donated the Inchy machine to the school, educating 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders.

The book vending machine was unveiled to the student body on Wednesday, September 28th in an assembly. The unveiling of the book vending machine drew excited outcries from the students and beaming smiles from the staff. Among the attendees were even some area government officials!

Seeing those excited students' faces is always heartwarming for the staff of the school, and getting a book in the hand of students for their good behavior makes it all worth it.

That's right, Freehold uses their Inchy Machine for PBIS Rewards!

What are PBIS Rewards?

PBI, or Positive Behavior Interventions and Support, rewards students for displaying good behavior, respect, acts of kindness, or other metrics the school has decided to use. Over 20,000 schools across the county have begun utilizing PBIS Rewards to huge success! Get started on your PBIS rewards system journey today!

Custom Wrapped Book Vending Machines

Did you know? You can get your library machines custom wrapped with just about any design! Freehold’s machine is a light blue backdrop with a flowery, green field featuring Inchy reading a book. It also has a stack of books along the corner. How fun!

If you’re feeling inspired, you can have your own machine custom wrapped! Want to have a similar design to Park Ave Elementary? We can do that! Want to add your school logo? Easy! Our custom wraps allow for your creative freedom to get flowing. Check out our custom wrap page for more information!

Bring Inchy to Your School!

Don’t wait! Getting started on bringing Inchy to your school is as easy as getting in touch. Don’t forget to follow Inchy’s progress through the country on our blog and through our Facebook!

We’ve helped thousands of schools make their reading dream a reality for students. Make sure yours is next! Reach out through our contact form or call us today to get started.