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Merrill Elementary School in Raynham, Massachusetts recently installed their own Inchy the Bookworm Book Vending Machine! Inchy’s headed to an elementary school in New England.

For the past couple of weeks of the school year, the students saw their new machine sitting in the cafeteria. A spot usually reserved for this dispensation of sugary snacks and/or sodas, this machine offered something different. It had a bright yellow ribbon and was filled with even brighter colored books!

The school mascot, Merrill the Lion, cut the ribbon and signaled the start of the program for the last few weeks of the semester! The goal is to encourage reading for young kids through a familiar interface like a vending machine, in a fun and high-tech way.

How Does The Book Vending Machine Work?

Inchy’s original book vending machine is designed to be easy to interact with and almost entirely for kids! The students at the elementary school receive special gold Inchy Tokens for acts of kindness or good behavior, which they take to the machine to exchange for a FREE book!

When the students receive a special gold Inchy Token, they place it in the slot on the machine. Then, an image of Inchy pops up, asking students which book they’d like! The machine says “One book coming right up” as the kids select which book they’d like and it’s dispensed.

Inchy’s Original Book Vending Machine and PBIS Rewards!

Did you know? Inchy’s book machine is perfect for PBIS rewards! PBIS, or Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, is a program that rewards students for displaying good behavior, respect, acts of kindness, or other metrics the school has decided to use. Over 20,000 schools across the county have begun utilizing PBIS Rewards to huge success! Get started on your PBIS rewards system journey today!

Get Your Book Machine Custom-Wrapped!

Merrill Elementary’s book vending machine features a bunch of books, a sky-blue backdrop, and a green field with rolling hills.

If you are feeling inspired, all of our machines can be custom wrapped! You can have just about any unique design you can think of. Fun clipart of kids reading on rolling green hills? We can do it. Want to have your school mascot/logo and motto featured? We can accomplish that. Something unique and dear to your town or city? Let’s do it. Get your creative juices flowing and check out our custom wrap page for more information!

Get in Touch!

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We’ve helped thousands of schools and organizations make the reading dream a reality. Get started bringing the original book vending machine to your school today by calling us at (800).592.4220 or filling out an online contact form.