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First Book Vending Machine in California Already Making Waves

As the popularity of the Inchy Book Vending Machine continues to spread, the latest comes out of El Verano Elementary School in California. Setting the trend on the west coast, El Verano Elementary is set to be the very first school in the state of California to have a book vending machine!

Just featured in the Sonoma Index-Tribune, the book vending machine will be set to have a ribbon cutting later this month. It really speaks to the viral nature of how quickly this idea is spreading!

A local teacher tagged El Verano principal Maite Ituri in a Facebook post about the Global Vending Inchy the Bookworm Book Vending machine. Having a similar mindset,

Iturri said she was “instantly struck by how well the idea matches our literacy vision.”

It’s not only the books on the inside that gets educators excited. The concept of the customized “I Love Reading” coins that only work for the book vending machine being awarded to students with good behavior was icing on the cake. The special coins enable the machine to work, as regular money won’t. This creates a unique currency for students to work for, as well as a motivation to read books that they can choose.

“Staff will identify students who exhibit behaviors and attitudes we want as a school to see,” said Iturri. 

Students will receive a raffle ticket and Iturri will pull winners weekly.

It doesn’t matter how you or your fellow educators create your own system for rewarding students, the students certainly have responded positively to the new venture. With the ability to choose whatever books you want for the students, the options are endless. We don’t force you into choosing books by a particular publisher, it’s totally up to you!

The staff at El Verano, decided to go with an interesting concept for their choices of books.

“We will be stocking our machine with books that highlight equity, inclusion and social justice. We want our students to see themselves in the books they read.” 

This is not easy to make happen, said Iturri, as only 7 percent of current publications have been written by people of color.

The article also makes mention of how fundraising efforts can be beneficial in making the dream of having a book vending machine in your school a reality. We can help you with ways to help fundraise, as we’ve been in talks with schools all over the country to help make it happen. Along with El Verano parent group fundraising, the Sonoma Valley Education Foundation also kicked in $1,000 last week to help the cause.

As you can see, the concept has become so much more than a vending machine. It brings people together. It rewards good behavior. It promotes good reading habits. It can promote messages that you feel are vital to your students’ experience. It can really make a difference.

To learn more about the first book vending machine in California, or to see about getting one in your school, just give us a call or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you ASAP!