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The school year is ending, but Inchy the Bookworm’s progress throughout the country certainly isn’t. On June 3rd, East Jackson Elementary School installed a book vending machine for their students funded by the John George Trust.

The students earn tokens for their new book vending machine by following classroom goals of being kind to others and related classroom rules. The goal is to link kindness and literacy, helping create an environment that ensures the most success for the whole school and the children's education going forward.

Give the gift of reading

Kids love to read. To jump into a brand new world and discover everything it has to offer. Installing this book vending machine allows them to do just that, without needing to come into school with their pockets full of quarters to get a new book.

Assistant principal Amy Blackledge said that the students had expressed excitement for the prospect of having new books. The children are looking forward to reading at home or in the classroom as they put their new mini-worlds into their backpacks.

Isn’t that what it’s all about? Making reading fun and encouraging literacy at a young age will only help. Seeing that beaming smile as a child picks up a new book could melt an iceberg.

Unfortunately, the pandemic had put a delay in the installation of the vending machine, but that didn’t spoil the fun for the kids when they finally got to see it. It’s like a book fair but every day!

The school year might be winding down, but Blackledge said the school plans on having the vending machine next year as well, fully stocked and ready to go for the first day. “It’s just the beginning, but we’re hoping that it will fulfill the goals that we’ve set forth with the positive behavior and the literacy,” Blackledge said.

Follow along with Inchy's progress!

Educators and classrooms all over the country are getting to know Inchy the Bookworm, so hop on board the Inchy express! Find out the best way for you to fundraise. Kids love reading, and combined with good deeds you’re building the foundation for a better tomorrow. Check out our social media so you can track Inchy’s progress through the country with us!

The machines can also be wrapped in just about any design too, whether it be a school mascot or an art piece a student made, or just something unique and dear to your town. Get creative with it! Have some fun!

Need help fundraising? Reach out via our contact form or give a call today! We’ve worked with over 1000 schools to make the reading dream a reality. 

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