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On Friday may 21st, Sheldon ISD Teachers were awarded with tens of thousands of dollars in grant money for their excellence.

In total, eighteen grants were awarded to educators at seven schools. The total amount? $39,286. Wow! These teachers certainly are going to have a decision to make on how to make their classrooms even better. One of the best new additions?

You guessed it.. Inchy Is Headed to Houston!

Sheldon ISD gives out grants to educators and their classrooms for all sorts of various education excellence. For example, one grant recipient, Melissa Cunningham, had obtained funding to install a new book vending machine, like Inchy the Bookworm. How great is that? Any time kisd are exposed to reading in a fun way is a win for everyone.

Some other examples that teachers proposed include a ukulele class set, the technology to set up a Spanish-language podcast, and more. Each of these proposals will be well-funded now to ensure the children’s success.

The process of getting considered for funding is straightforward. All teachers need to do in order to be considered for grants is submit their applications on what they wish to introduce to the classroom to further the education of their students.

Sheldon has awarded over $121,000 to date to teachers! They’re not the only educational foundation giving out money to deserving teachers either, so make sure to see what similar programs are in your area.

The ways to obtain funds to give students better education are here, you just have to seek them out. An investment in any sort of children’s education, but especially reading, is a win for all. We talked earlier about ways to fundraise, but you can also consider this as another tool in that belt.

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Remember to ask about how you can wrap your machine in any design you want! Maybe your school mascot? Maybe a kid inspired design?