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A Pearcy, Arizona Elementary School Unveils New Book Vending Machine!


Lake Hamilton Elementary School in Pearcy, Arizona recently unveiled a brand new book vending machine to their students. As you’re probably aware, Inchy’s vending machine doesn’t dispense sodas or snacks, but knowledge in the form of books!

Literacy is important to educating everyone so that they can lead more full lives. Plus, kids love reading! Any time that kids can get free books they can keep is great.

Oh yeah, Inchy’s books are free for the kids and they get to keep them. It’s better than a library vending machine because kids get to add the books to their own collection.

You might ask, “How do you get books from the vending machine?” then, well, the answer is with special Gold Inchy Tokens. The tokens are perfect PBIS Rewards! Students earn points for various things, like good grades, being helpful and nice, continued attendance, birthdays, etc and can then redeem those points for various things from the school. With the book vending machine, one of those rewards is Inchy Book Tokens!

One of the goals of this project for Lake Hamilton Elementary is to have a lasting impact that goes far beyond what traditional reading classes provide. Making reading fun at a young age is key to lifelong reading joy.

Seeing kids faces light up and glow as they read a book is a massive reward for educators. And reading is everywhere, so the kids are getting a lifelong benefit too.

Custom Wrapped Vending Machines!

Our book vending machines are able to be custom wrapped in just about any design. You can have a contest between students to come up with a design, use your mascot, something near and unique to your town or school. Or maybe you have your own idea? Let us know and we’ll make it happen.

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Track Inchy’s progress throughout the country on our Blog! You can also find us on FaceBook and YouTube for more book vending machine fun. We’ve helped hundreds of schools get a book vending machine set up, why not have yours be next?

Bring PBIS rewards to your school today! Get in touch with Global Vending Group for Inchy the Bookworm vending machines. You can fill out a contact form or call us to begin giving the gift of reading!