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Bookworm Coil Sets (FREE SHIPPING)

2.00 LBS
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Product Description

The Bookworm machine comes with 12ct coils by default (12 books front to back) that are a great baseline for most books. However, we offer 16ct and 8ct coils for purchase which can work better for certain book sizes if youre having any issues with the default 12ct coils.

8ct Coils work best for very thick books (up to 2" thick). These will be good if your books are too thick to fit in the standard coils.

16ct Coils work best for really thin books and have a 1" max book width. These are the "tighest" book coils available and are best option for really large/thin floppy books. (for instance, if youre thin books keep falling over backwards in the machine then you'll want to try these 16ct coils which will help prop them up for more of a snug fit)


Each Coil Set comes with a matching left and right side coil which will fully convert 1 book slot.

*Check which coil set option (8ct vs 16ct) you'd like to order when adding to your cart.



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