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Vending Machine Location Suggestions

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Vending Machine business

Any experienced vending machine owner can tell you: Location is everything. A good location yields consistent, high-volume sales. A bad location leaves your product to sit for weeks or months at a time. You should never purchase a vending machine or search for vending machines for sale unless you are already certain of the location. Machines must reflect their location in terms of design, functionality, and offered products.

Because location is so important, we’ve put together a short list of locations that have worked for existing vending machine owners.

Office Buildings - Not everyone drinks coffee. Both drink and snack machines work well in offices, where employees often need an in-between-meals pick-me-up.

Auto Repair Locations - Shops and dealerships make excellent vending locations. People spend a lot of time waiting in these situations, and the desire for a snack or drink is strong.

Hangout Stores - Skate shops and LAN centers are more than retail stores. They’re places people gather to hang out. Anywhere kids congregate is a solid vending machine location.

Schools - It can be hard to land a school, as they usually handle vending with large companies. But schools provide incredible, stable revenue, and are well worth chasing.

Hospitals - Hospitals are another place where people spend long periods of time waiting. Hospital waiting rooms are excellent locations for drink machines.

Gyms - If you stock your vending machine with healthy snacks and drinks, you could have great success with a gym location. You’ll find fitness-branded vending machines for sale that are perfect for this strategy.

The secret to success in the vending machine business is proactively scouting locations and staying on top of new development in your area. For further information or questions please contact us at 800-592-4220 or visit