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Tips on Finding the Perfect Vending Machine Location

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While it’s true that a vending machine business can be profitable and lucrative, it only works if you’re able to place your vending machines in locations that result in sales. No matter how many vending machines you have in your network, you can’t make money unless people are actually using them. Finding and securing the perfect vending machine location is critical if you want to ensure the success of your business.

Global Vending Group is an industry leader among vending machine companies. We want our customers to succeed in this challenging but rewarding field. That’s why we’ve cooked up a few simple tips for finding the perfect vending machine location:

Volume and Competition

As you may have guessed, volume is an important factor in the location of your vending machine. But it’s not just about traffic. High volume areas are excellent places to put vending machines only if there are no easy food alternatives. Shopping centers and gyms, for instance, have high volumes of people but low food competition. A mall food court, on the other hand, might be less lucrative due to the variety of food choices on offer.

Vending Machine Age Groups

Vending machines rely heavily on impulse purchases to make money. Children and teenagers have poor impulse control when compared to adults. This means that your most profitable machines will be placed in areas where children or teens congregate. Shopping malls (away from the food court, of course), toy stores, and other children/teen-heavy environments make great vending machine spaces.

Captive Customers

Any place people have to sit and wait makes an excellent vending machine location. Explore your target territory and make a careful note of places like bus stops, airports, train stations, and anywhere else people might get stuck waiting in line or for a ride. People get hungry when they’re bored, meaning any place boredom or time spent is a powerful vending opportunity.

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