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​Texas Elementary School Gets Its Own Book Vending Machine!


Texas Elementary School Gets Its Own Book Vending Machine!

If you’ve followed our blog in the past you’ve probably grown accustomed to hearing about the newest locations we’ve seen our book vending machine pop up. The reason we provide these updates is because we’re proud of our machine and the impact it is having on schools around the country. This week we’d like to share another success story as Inchy made his first stop to the Lone Star state.

Texas Elementary School Gets Book Vending Machine

Ross Elementary School, located in Odessa Texas, is using their new book vending machine to boost their child reading initiative. The goal is to help their younger children develop a love for reading at an early age and they’re doling out free books to do so. With the installation of this bookworm vending machine, hundreds of students from pre-k to 1st grade now have a chance to earn tokens for a free book of their choice.

Ross Elementary’s administrators brought in our book machine to supplement their current “bookworms reading program.” In this initiative, all of their students get a new book every month to take home and keep. This way, kids are regularly getting new material and can start their own home library! Our Inchy the bookworm vending machine complements this program by allowing students to add books of their own choice to their collection. All of this effort is in place to encourage children to read while they’re at home.

Why Books In The Home Are So Important

Several studies have shown that “at home” reading contributes to student success in the classroom. In particular, children who read at home achieved higher test scores to go along with their improved reading skills. It’s important for educators to make increasing student opportunity and interest a top priority if they want to make home reading stick. Our bookworm vending machine is so popular because it fits this bill perfectly.

Inchy has now made his way into over a dozen schools across the nation. Each school has had their own unique way of using our book vending machine to promote their educational efforts. Check out the most recent stories where inchy found his way to Alabama and New Jersey. Give us a call today to see how you can help bring a custom book vending machine to your school!