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Summer is Coming - Are Your Vending Machines Prepared!

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Any experienced vending machine operator can tell you that there are two elements to succeeding in this business. The first, of course, is location. Placing your machines in the right area has a huge impact in your ability to move product and make a profit. The second, however, is what you put in your machines. Many vending operators fail to consider their target audience, vending machine location, and other factors when stocking their machines, which results in lost sales, expired product, and other problems.

What you put in your machines is just as important as where you put them. And with summer on the rise, it’s vital that you adjust your vending machine stocks to match changes in demand. Don’t expect to buy a used vending machine for sale, stick it on a corner, and fall face-first into profitability.

Summer Demand

Summer causes many shifts in consumer habits. People start thinking more healthy (due to all that beach time), hot weather affects what people do and don’t want to eat and drink, and cold beverages suddenly become much more appealing. It’s vital that you start thinking about your vending network’s approach to the warmer weather before it gets here -- you don’t want to miss sales because you were slow on the draw. Carefully analyze each of your current machine offerings to assess whether they’ll be appropriate for hot weather; rotate product as needed to ensure you’re prepared for the season.

Don’t go overboard on seasonal items. While it’s true that drinks and ice cream spike in summer (as does fresh fruit!), some vending items are immune to seasonal change. Popular chip flavors, candy bars, and cookies all tend to do equally well regardless of the temperature outside. For best results, mix your offerings between seasonal and steady.

Finding a used vending machine for sale is just the first step in entering the complex and challenging vending machine business. It’s not until you understand your customers that you’ll truly experience success.

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