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Professor Inchy At Your Service | Illinois Book Vending Machine Teaches Children


Professor Inchy At Your Service | Illinois Book Vending Machine Teaches Children

By now you’ve probably seen some news stories or read a few articles about our book vending machine. In just a little over a year’s time our custom book vending machine has been shipped to schools in 10 different states across the US! It has been extremely satisfying for us to see how this pet project of ours has evolved into a nationwide effort to improve literacy. In the spirit of that success, we wanted to share the most recent news story involving our bookworm vending machine.

Inchy Becomes The First Book Vending Machine In Illinois

Seth Whitman Elementary School located in Belvidere, IL purchased and installed the state’s first book vending last month. It was certainly an exciting time for everyone as the whole Belvidere community got in on the effort. The school’s PTO was able to raise the necessary money for the vending machine from their fundraiser titled “The Race for Education.” Their new book vending machine has got the students excited and their teachers are confident it will help them develop a love for reading.

"It's a machine that we are hoping to promote literacy and positive reinforcement for behavior here at Seth Whitman," … "It just brings an added bit of fun. Earning a token to get a free book is just something that's exciting for the students. "

One of the things we find most interesting is all the unique ways we’ve seen schools use our book vending machine. For example, we’ve seen schools use our custom gold coins as incentives. Students often receive them for good behavior, perfect attendance, getting good grades and even for completing extra reading time.

Seth Whitman Elementary has done something we haven’t seen before by adding spanish language books to their inventory. As a dual-lingual school, this effort is expected to bolster their literacy programs on two key fronts. It’s truly inspiring to see Inchy helping Whitman students get excited about reading and learning a foreign language. We look forward to seeing what other creative ways schools come up with by using our book vending machines to aid their educational efforts.

At Global Vending Group we’re always excited to see one of our custom book vending machines pop up in a new area. If you’re looking for a way to get your younger students excited about reading it might be time to consider the benefits of a book vending machine. Give us a call today to talk with a sales associate about how we can help you bring a custom book vending machine to your school!