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New Book Vending Machine For Sacramento Area School


New Book Vending Machine For Sacramento Area School

At Global Vending Group, we’ve been dealing various types of vending machines around the country for years. Rarely, if ever, have we been as excited about one of our products as we are with our new custom book vending machine. Since we built our first one in collaboration with a local Buffalo NY elementary school, calls have been flooding in. Our team has been hard at work and has provided our Bookworm Vending Machine to schools in Florida, Utah, California and most recently Arkansas.

Now, we’d like to add another California school to that list. We recently supplied Oak Chan Elementary, located just outside Sacramento, with a brand new book vending machine for their students. Here’s how it happened.

One of Oak Chan’s 3rd grade teachers, Ms. Montinola, heard of our book vending machine and thought it would be perfect for her school. She mentioned it to the school librarian who took the idea and ran with it. To help cut the costs of the machine and the books, the school reached out to the president of the PTO to put together a fundraiser. In the end, the school was able to provide a wonderful service to its students without breaking their budget.

"We have a dinner auction that we do every year….we were able to buy a new book cart for our librarian and we had extra money left over because people were so generous and we put it toward this [the book vending machine]"

The staff at Oak Chan is using their new bookworm vending machine for more than just getting kids excited about reading. They’ve also chosen to incentivize good student behavior using Inchy’s special gold coins. Principle Kat Bahry had this to say:

"Throughout Oak Chan we have some secret kindness catchers and they catch our students making good choices and being kind…..students are chosen every week to come get their special coin to choose their book!"

She went on to state that the goal is for every student in the school to get to choose a book at least once. In this way, Inchy the bookworm can help students hone proper behavior as well as their reading skills. Not only are the students and teachers excited, but the entire Folsom community has gotten behind the effort.

This is a great example of a community working together to benefit education. Don’t shy away if you feel your budget can’t support a new bookworm vending machine. Reach out to community organizations for help funding this project and filling your machine with the books your kids will love. For more information on pricing and purchasing a book vending machine contact Global Vending Group today.