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Inchy’s Bouncing into Buena Park | A California Elementary School Shows off Inchy’s Original Book Vending Machine

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Pendleton Elementary School in Buena Park, California installed their own original Book Vending Machine! Inchy’s always excited to bring his library machine and the gift of reading to kids all across the country, and even into Canada.

Inchy’s library machine brings reading to eager children all over. Instead of sugary drinks or salty snacks, this incredible machine dispenses books! The books are geared for kids, with titles ranging from “Clifford the Big Red Dog” to “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”!

The students at Pendleton Elementary earn free tokens for this book vending machine by accomplishing goals they’ve set for themselves to enhance and increase their education. And of course, the kids get to keep the books for free! The program is a perfect way to get students excited about reading and improve literacy rates.

Getting out to a library or book store can be a chunk of time parents don’t have, and buying books from book stores might not be an economic option for parents. The kids receiving a free book for achieving their academic goals is a relief for parents and encourages more reading! Promoting literacy with books kids love and by tieing it to academic success is a win-win for schools and students.

Inchy’s Book Vending Machine is also a perfect implementation of the PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Support) rewards system! There are over 20,000 schools across the US that are using or implementing their own PBIS rewards systems, where students are awarded with a token of appreciation of some sort to demonstrate the achievement of their goals. Inchy’s rewards system gives a special Inchy Token that the kids can use to redeem a free book!

Check out our resources on PBIS rewards and Inchy to learn more, we have a couple of videos and a dedicated page.

Get your machine custom-wrapped!

Pendleton Elementary School’s book vending machine is placed in their library and custom-wrapped, with rolling green hills, a clear blue sky, and a Margaret Fuller quote, “Tomorrow a reader, tomorrow a leader.” Inspired by their wrapped vending machine? Your own book machine can have a customized look too! 

Our machines all have the option to be wrapped in a unique design that can be just about anything you think of. Clipart kids celebrating reading and diversity? We can do that. Your school mascot? Easy. Something unique and dear to your town or city? Let’s do it. Let your creativity flourish! Check out our custom wrap page for more information.

Give Your Students the Gift of Reading!

Get in touch with Global Vending Group today and bring YOUR students the gift of reading! We’ve helped hundreds of schools get their own Inchy machines, yours could be next. Get a quote for your book vending machine today! Follow along with our blog and Facebook pages to track Inchy’s progress around the world.

You can get your Inchy journey started by going ahead and calling us at (800).592.4220 or filling out our contact form!